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Modules - Jumpstart Lab Curriculum
Modules are used to namespace Ruby classes. For example, if we had this code:
ror  ruby  rails  webdev 
yesterday by cdmorris
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ivoanjo/persistent-dmnd - Added April 10, 2018 at 01:54PM
data-structures  functional-programming  library  ruby 
yesterday by xenocid
mdub/clamp: a Ruby command-line application framework
Mike Williams gem for creating quick CLI apps
ruby  cli  gem 
2 days ago by jhealy
Factories Should be the Bare Minimum
Fábricas devem criar objetos com o mínimo de atributos necessários para que o objeto seja válido.
design-patterns  ruby  factories  tests  best-pratices  rails  articles  dev 
2 days ago by repoles
Why Factories?
Benefícios do padrão "factory" para escrever testes mais rápidos e mais legíveis.
dev  tests  factories  ruby  best-pratices  rails  articles  design-patterns 
2 days ago by repoles

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