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Elasticsearch for Jekyll, Part 1 – One More Blog
Searchyll is a gem for Jekyll developed by some of the engineers on the Bonsai team, designed to make indexing posts from Jekyll to Elasticsearch easy. One of the best parts: this solution is…
elasticsearch  jekyll  ruby  development 
1 hour ago by malantonio
The Safe Navigation Operator (&.) in Ruby – Georgi Mitrev
The most interesting addition to Ruby 2.3.0 is the Safe Navigation Operator(&.). A similar operator has been present in C# and Groovy for a long time with a slightly different syntax - ?.. So what does it do?
programming  ruby 
2 hours ago by base10
GitHub - tombenner/reports_kit: Beautiful, interactive charts and tables for Ruby on Rails
ReportsKit lets you easily create beautiful, interactive charts and tables.
ruby  rails 
7 hours ago by cmaresh
Rails Application Upgrades: Hard Mode | Jared Norman
A response to my article about incremental Rails upgrades.
ruby  rails  upgrade 
17 hours ago by look
Multiple vulnerabilities in RubyGems
RT : PSA for users: Multiple vulnerabilities have been disclosed in RubyGems 💎
ruby  from twitter
23 hours ago by plukevdh
[PSA] ' hiredis clients, and the one, are looking for loving maintainers: …
Redis  ruby  from twitter_favs
yesterday by badboy
End of Maintenance: hiredis & Co.
[PSA] ' hiredis clients, and the one, are looking for loving maintainers: …
Redis  ruby  from twitter_favs
yesterday by badboy
Ways to load code
There are many ways to load Ruby code, and that has lead to confusion over the years. In this article, I will give you the backstory behind several conventio...
require  ruby  load  require_relative 
yesterday by cfanpnk

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