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2017 Best 3x3 Cube – The Best Speed Cubes on The Market Today
"Below are the best quality cubes as of today. It is hard to put the hand on a single cube as the "best", as it comes to self-preference. However, all of the following are considered world-class cubes, and used by current world record holders."
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5 weeks ago by ddribin
What is the best method of scrambling a rubik's cube? - Puzzling Stack Exchange
"If you're willing to take the time: The World Cube Association has a specific method for shuffling their cubes. They use a program called TNoodle to do the scrambling; the program generates a "scramble sequence" which can be followed to produce a scrambled cube.

Their code actually features a nice interface to generate the scrambles:"
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6 weeks ago by ddribin
nijixuchao/ChaoTimer: init commit
"This is the source code of ChaoTimer 3.0" – Professional Timer for Speedcubers
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6 weeks ago by ddribin
"Professional Timer for Speedcubers by Jichao Li"
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6 weeks ago by ddribin
Top 7 Best Speed Cubes Reviews [2018 Ultimate Buyer's Guide] - - A place for all of your hobbies
"Speedcubing is becoming more and more popular and now there are more speedcubes available than ever which is why I created this ultimate guide to help you not only choose the best speed cube for you but to help you understand what makes a good cube."
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6 weeks ago by ddribin
"The method described on this web site is for any and all of you. The solution is divided into five parts. It is so simple that, once learned, one cannot forget the moves. You will not have to twist the cube incessantly in order to figure out how the moves are made. However, it is also intended for experienced cubists who have mastered a given method and can still solve a cube in about a minute. That is because, as will be shown, The Ultimate Solution to Rubik's Cube will require only about one-third to two-thirds the number of moves required by most other methods."
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november 2017 by ddribin

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