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Sarah's Cubing Site — PLL Recognition Guide
"This is my method for recognizing any PLL case by only seeing two sides."
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9 days ago by ddribin
Creating 3D twisty puzzles using programming
In this post, we’ll take a look at how we can create whole families of twisty puzzles — things as complex as Rubik’s cubes or face turning Octahedra of arbitrary sizes using simple problem-solving techniques.
programming  rubiks 
october 2018 by pelley
Kitronik Director Geoff Hampson makes a giant illuminated cube for the International Scout and Guide Camp:…
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august 2018 by gmf
CubeZone - Cross study
"This short article describes the results of a computer analysis I did for solving the cross of the first layer in the least number of moves. In this study we are trying to determine the required number of moves to the solve the cross for all possible cases if we would always be able to see an optimal solution (God's algorithm). From that information we can then calculate the average and maximum number of moves that a "perfect" cross solver would need to solve the cross from a random state.

Most cross-first speedcubers always start with the same color when building the cross. A lot of people can still comfortably build the cross on the opposite face of their prefered color, and a few people are completely color-neutral and start building the cross on whichever face it seems the easiest. In this computer study we have investigated all three scenarios."
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july 2018 by ddribin
2017 Best 3x3 Cube – The Best Speed Cubes on The Market Today
"Below are the best quality cubes as of today. It is hard to put the hand on a single cube as the "best", as it comes to self-preference. However, all of the following are considered world-class cubes, and used by current world record holders."
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april 2018 by ddribin
What is the best method of scrambling a rubik's cube? - Puzzling Stack Exchange
"If you're willing to take the time: The World Cube Association has a specific method for shuffling their cubes. They use a program called TNoodle to do the scrambling; the program generates a "scramble sequence" which can be followed to produce a scrambled cube.

Their code actually features a nice interface to generate the scrambles:"
rubiks  random 
april 2018 by ddribin
nijixuchao/ChaoTimer: init commit
"This is the source code of ChaoTimer 3.0" – Professional Timer for Speedcubers
ios  software  code  rubiks  timer 
april 2018 by ddribin
"Professional Timer for Speedcubers by Jichao Li"
ios  software  rubiks  timer 
april 2018 by ddribin

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