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Electrosense: RTL-SDR Based Crowd Sourced Spectrum Monitoring with a DC to 6 GHz Up/Downconverter
"Recently we came across Electrosense which is an interesting open source project that aims to deploy radio spectrum sensors worldwide in order to analyze and understand radio spectrum usage."
RTL-SDR  spectrum-sensing 
september 2019 by pierredv
Hacking Iridium Satellites With Iridium Toolkit - RTL-SDR, Sep 2019
"Over on YouTube TechMinds has uploaded a video showing how to use the Iridium Toolkit software to receive data and audio from Iridium satellites with an Airspy. Iridium is a global satellite service that provides various services such as global paging, satellite phones, tracking and fleet management services, as well as services for emergency, aircraft, maritime and covert operations too. It consists of multiple low earth orbit satellites where there is at least one visible in the sky at any point in time, at most locations on the Earth.

The frequencies used by the older generation Iridium satellites are in the L-band, and the data is completely unencrypted. That allows anyone with an RTL-SDR or other SDR radio to decode the data with the open source Iridium Toolkit."

Cf. https://www.rtl-sdr.com/talk-decoding-data-from-iridium-satellites/ : "they discuss how Iridium security is moderate to relaxed, pointing out that Iridium claims that the majority of ‘security’ comes from the complexity of the system, rather than actual security implementations"
RTL-SDR  Iridium  hacking  satellite 
september 2019 by pierredv
Help Support RadioCapture – A Project that Records Entire Trunked Radio Systems and Provides Online Access to Audio
RadioCapture.com is a website run by Matt Mills that is capable of automatically capturing trunked radio communications from various agencies such as the emergency services and creating publicly accessible historical and live logs of the audio. This is a concept different to radio scanner streams, as all audio is logged and historical audio can be accessed easily at any time.
RTL-SDR  surveillance  public-safety 
april 2019 by pierredv

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