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SSL Encrypting Syslog with Stunnel — rsyslog 8.1908.0 documentation
Note: this is an outdated HISTORICAL document. A much better description on securing syslog with TLS is available. In this paper, I describe how to encrypt syslog messages on the network. Encryption is vital to keep the confidiental content of syslog messages secure.
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august 2019 by greys
RFC 3164 - The BSD Syslog Protocol
The things you learn from RFCs

> However, it has been found that bolas spiders can mimic the odor of the female moths of this species. This scent will then attract male moths, which will follow it with the expectation of finding a mate. Instead, when they arrive at the source of the scent, they will be eaten [8]. This is a case of a false message being sent out with inimical intent.
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may 2019 by thcipriani

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