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8 days ago by eric-ruser
rOpenSci | .rprofile: Jenny Bryan
JB: No, I wouldn’t say that I always wanted to be a teacher, but I think I’ve enjoyed that above average compared to other professors. But it was more that I realized several years ago that I could have a bigger impact on what people did by improving data analysis workflows, thinking, and tooling instead of trying to make incremental progress on statistical methodology. It is a reflection of where I have a comparative advantage with respect to interest and aptitude, so it’s not really a knock on statistical methodology. But I feel we could use more people working on this side of the field – working on knowledge translation. I was also reacting to what I saw in my collaborative work. I would work with people in genomics and if I’m completely honest with myself, often my biggest contribution to the paper would be getting all the datasets and analyses organized. I didn’t necessarily do some highly sophisticated statistical analysis. It would often boil down to just doing millions of t-tests or something. But the reason I had an impact on the project would be that I got everything organized so that we could re-run it and have more confidence in our results. And I was like, I have a PhD in stats, why is this my main contribution? Why do the postdocs, grad students, and bioinformaticians not know how to do these things? So then I started to make that more and more the focus of my course, instead of squeezing in more statistical methods. Then the teaching sort of changed who I was and what I allowed myself to think about and spend time on. I used to not let myself spend time on those things. Or if I did, I would feel guilty about it because I thought, I can’t get any professional credit for this! It’s not statistically profound, but it seems to be what the world needs me to do, and needs other people to be doing.
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11 days ago by cnk
install - Error in R: (Package which is only available in source form, and may need compilation of C/C++/Fortran) - Stack Overflow
There were two good ideas here: 1) using Rtools (; and 2) using binaries from

What I ended up doing to solve this problem (shiny-1.2.0 w/ R 3.3.3 on Windows required httpuv-1.4.5, but only 1.4.1 was available as a binary for R 3.3.x on CRAN), was to download the Windows binary shiny_1.0.5zip from the URL in #2 above.

install.packages("", repos =NULL)
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17 days ago by kme
Index of /bin/windows/contrib/3.3
When I couldn't install shiny-1.2.0 from the repos (RStudio and R 3.3.3 on Windows) because it required httpuv-1.4.5, when the latest binary for R 3.3.x on Windows in CRAN was httpuv-1.4.1, installing shiny_1.0.5 from here worked.
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17 days ago by kme
Installing older versions of packages – RStudio Support
<code language="R">
install_version("ggplot2", version = "0.9.1", repos = "")

Unfortunately, you will probably need Rtools (on Windows) to build one of the dependencies of 'devtools' (maybe pkgload?).

I ran into this problem where shiny-1.2.0 required httpuv-1.4.5, but only httpuv-1.4.1 was available from the CRAN repos for R 3.3.x.

This might've let me install an older version, but I still had to guess at *which* version of RShiny would've worked with httpuv-1.4.1. What I ended up doing was installing a binary shiny-1.0.5 from
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17 days ago by kme

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