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The Difficulty Of Private Contact Discovery
Interesting expose of available techniques to request data from a server without leaking anything to the server.
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3 days ago by pyrho
浅谈RSA Padding
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5 weeks ago by jinwik
(44) The Truth About Algorithms | Cathy O'Neil - YouTube
We live in the age of the algorithm - mathematical models are sorting our job applications, curating our online worlds, influencing our elections, and even deciding whether or not we should go to prison. But how much do we really know about them? Former Wall St quant, Cathy O'Neil, exposes the reality behind the AI, and explains how algorithms are just as prone to bias and discrimination as the humans who program them.
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7 weeks ago by timstahmer
Small business born global – RSA Group
However, the vast majority (92%) of SME owners believe they started out as a local or UK business rather than European or global, while four fifths (82%) admit they are more concerned about local risks than global threats. This perception gap is leaving small businesses open to ‘hidden’ or ‘shadow’ risks (i.e. risks beyond their physical footprint that haven’t been recognised or managed), and causing them to miss out on significant international growth opportunities. External perceptions of SMEs also contribute to this ‘shadow risk’, with three quarters (74%) of SME owners saying the view that small businesses are local by default is out-dated. Top concerns related to international expansion include banking security and fraud (75%), cyber-attacks (69%) and economic turmoil (69%). This is a real concern, with almost a third (29%) of SME owners having experienced such an incident.
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7 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Majority of small businesses are born global, not local
The business behaviours identified in the RSA report The New Internationals demonstrate the global nature of even the smallest companies in the UK. Nearly three quarters of small businesses had a website in their first year, while around half used online banking and a quarter had overseas suppliers, overseas customers and cloud storage. A fifth of SME owners also travelled internationally on business in their first year.
However, the vast majority of SME owners believe they started out as a local or UK business rather than European or global, while four fifths admit they are more concerned about local risks than global threats.
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7 weeks ago by jeromekatz

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