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Das Irkall: Bringer of Light, Forever Shrouded by Night Pt II
Essentially Xas Irkalla is a cross between Ravenloft and Dark Sun as conceived by Alexandro Jodorowski and H.R. Geiger; a sort of universal graveyard/prison where everything in the multiverse eventually ends up and dies, consisting mostly of wasteland ruled by the psychic overlords of a few city states and lorded over by sinister deities with malevolent designs. It goes without saying that the actual setting is a lot more complex, and Xas Irkalla delves deep into its own convoluted metaphysics in order to convey to you just what it is, but seldom have I seen the metaphysical background of a game worked into the gameplay this well, serving as more then weird bullshit that the GM spouts at you while you are waiting for the party to get to the next dungeon. Figuring out just what the fuck Irkalla is is actually vital to “beating it.” You read that correctly. Irkalla can be “won,” which only makes sense, given that its increasing power curve and cumulative death fear means that eventually either it will win, or you will.
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The Newspaper Clipping Generator
Make a newspaper clipping with your own headline and story.
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Bonus Episode: James Vail of Xas Irkalla
In the second of our series bringing you in touch with the thoughts and insights of game designers themselves, Full Metal RPG is proud to present our interview with James Vail, creator of Xas Irkalla and lead creative at Atramentis Games!

In this Bonus Episode James Vail Skypes in to talk about art, music, game design, Kickstarter and most importantly, his game: Xas Irkalla!
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Xas Irkalla: The Carcosa we Wanted, not the One we Deserved Pt. I – Rules – Age of Dusk
Suffer a Blackened Birth into a Desolate Land of Surreal Horror. A World Wounded by Psychic Warfare, Mind-Controlled Cities, Interdimensional Labyrinths and Wasteland Tribes. You are the Alien Here, the Last Survivor of your Species. Your Existence Must be Earned.  Well fuck me sideways.
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The Alexandrian » Art of Rulings – Part 9: Narrating Outcome
Go to Part 1 We’ve reached the end of the road: The dice have been rolled. The mechanics have determined success or failure. Now the GM needs to describe that…
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Heirs to the Mountains of Madness by Joshua Heath
What Secrets Does the Antarctic Hold?
Decades ago, a great horror, or... perhaps hope was uncovered in the Antarctic Wastes. This
object is now the source of great peril to the Mages of New England, in particular, the Mages
of Providence Rhode Island.

Pulling from the Mythos

This One-Page Jumpstart will give you the tools you need to get a Mage story going, by pulling
in some elements from the creations of HP Lovecraft. Come check it out.
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Watch the World Burn by Adrian BK
Numbers Station 232778 has fired the first shots in a battle it cannot win, and the Mages in residence have placed their trust in a clandestine entity claiming to be an agent of Destiny.

Within this title, you’ll find:

The background and description of The Firehouse, an unusual Chantry with a network of cells and a penchant for fire

The Founding Members, three Mages summoned by The Gardener, but each with secrets and agendas

Two new Talismans and a Familiar, and

Eight story seeds

Designed for Mage First Edition.

The Book of Chantries and Book of Shadows are useful, but not essential to enjoy this title.

NOTE: Every effort has been made to proof-read, edit, and correct this title. If this title requires any corrections, please post in the Comments section below. I try to respond to these observations swiftly.
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