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Practical Paradox
The Paradox rules in 2nd Ed Mage are amazing; so few changes, yet such a dramatic improvement on the original. I can't help tinkering with a good thing, so here are my additions to the paradox rules. Mostly, they are suggestions for quickly resolving which of the various types of Paradox strike a mage.
magetheascension  rpg  paradox 
3 hours ago by josephaleo
Marauder Magick
How do marauders see magick? And why don't they suffer from Paradox? Here are some theories:
marauders  magetheascension  rpg 
3 hours ago by josephaleo
Nephandi Classifications
Study of the Nephandi is a dangerous business, albeit lethal. On the other hand, one can't keep repeatedly battling them all over creation without picking up a few bits of information. If nothing else, survival usually means figuring out what tactics work and which ones haven't. I myself have tried to catalog my years of experience in hopes that the next generation might have a lower fatality rate in dealing with monstrosities from the Umbra.
magetheascension  rpg  nephandi 
4 hours ago by josephaleo
Purple Sorcerer Games: Welcome!
Purple Sorcerer Games is your source for exiting, affordable, fun-to-play adventures compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG from Goodman Games.
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4 hours ago by wesbaker
The Cult of Magna Mater
The Cult of Magna Mater, the Great Mother, is probably the oldest religion of all. The earliest stone-age sculptures depict the mother- goddess, and an idol found in Catal Hüyük, 6000 years old, depict her in the form she later became worshipped as Cybele in Phrygia, as a seated woman flanked by two leopards. The worship evolved through the millennia, but the goddess remained a symbol of the powerful female forces in the universe. Many different interpretations appeared, and various cults have interacted and mixed ideas.
magetheascension  rpg  cultofecstacy 
9 hours ago by josephaleo
The Priestesses of Inanna
Prostitution has not always been looked down upon as it is today. Once its practitioners were the priestesses of love and sensuality, celebrating the mysteries of sex at the temples of Inanna in ancient Sumer. Later the Babylonians worshipped her as Ishtar, the goddess of the morning star. Among the Hebrews she was known as Asherah, the wife of El. Other groups in the middle east gave her other names, but her worship was widespread. But as Christianity and monotheism rose, her worship was outlawed and she was demonized. She became known only as the demon Astaroth, and her priestesses were despised.
magetheascension  rpg  cultofecstacy 
yesterday by josephaleo
On Gygax Design I
It's unspoken in the rulebooks all over the place. You are just supposed to know certain things from the culture of wargaming. But it blew up way past that…
rpg  dm-tips  from instapaper
yesterday by wesbaker
The "One More Idea" Method
Another experimental idea-generating method. You could use this for campaigns, hex-maps, cities, etc. I happen to need a lot of dungeons, so I'm going to use it…
osr  rpg  dm-tips  from instapaper
yesterday by wesbaker
Potable Hole
Riff on a portable hole, bag of holding sort of item.
DW  RPG  RPG_Item 
2 days ago by AwkwardTurtle
When you find the boss chamber at the end of the cubicle dungeon.
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2 days ago by cshier

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