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Well deserved. Congrats man! Keep killing it.
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Roy Scranton - Raising My Child in a Doomed World
Living ethically means understanding that our actions have consequences, taking responsibility for how those consequences ripple out across the web of life in which each of us is irrevocably enmeshed and working every day to ease what suffering we can. Living ethically means limiting our desires, respecting the deep interdependence of all things in nature and honoring the fact that our existence on this planet is a gift that comes from nowhere and may be taken back at any time.

I can’t protect my daughter from the future and I can’t even promise her a better life. All I can do is teach her: teach her how to care, how to be kind and how to live within the limits of nature’s grace. I can teach her to be tough but resilient, adaptable and prudent, because she’s going to have to struggle for what she needs. But I also need to teach her to fight for what’s right, because none of us is in this alone. I need to teach her that all things die, even her and me and her mother and the world we know, but that coming to terms with this difficult truth is the beginning of wisdom.
Roy  Scranton  Hope  Resignation  Pessimism 
august 2018 by dbourn
18 Photos of British Football and Its Beautiful Fans | Clive Martin
Stuart Roy Clarke is Britain's finest football photographer.
4th  may  2018  vice  clive  martin  football  photography  stuart  roy  clarke 
may 2018 by pnjman

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