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Governor Rossello speaks at the Puerto Rico Investment Summit.
14:30 “We have a key set of incentives that makes us the most competitive jurisdictions in the United States to export services [from], [and] to innovate, ...”

20:24 “We are open for business”

25:30-27:00 Were the Governor talks about Puerto Rico as the Hub of the Human Cloud
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Ricardo Rossello Participando de Programa Especial Debate por Mega T.V.
priorities @25:32
# energy 2.0
# education
# rebuild PR
# health
# security
# investment in critical infrastructure (roads)
# move towards innovation
Pledge for Puerto Rico
# 40% renewable energy by 2023
# 100% renewable energy by 2050
# 25% reduction in carbon footprint by 2025
# education of people
# invest in more resilient technology
Puerto Rico as a Platform for innovation
# climate change will happen in PR first and the rest of the world can learn from PR how to deal with it
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