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Vespa Elettrica 70 im Test: Leider schlapper Auftritt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Der Markt für E-Roller boomt, davon will auch Vespa profitieren. Schon die erste Elettrica war allerdings etwas schwach auf der Brust. Nutzt die neue 70 km/h-Version das Potenzial, das im E-Antrieb steckt? Der erste Eindruck : Prima. via Pocket
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8 weeks ago by hansdorsch
The foam roller is an awesome self-massage tool for the legs and upper back. I love it so much I made a video tutorial (and looping GIF's to save you time!) : Fitness
The title pretty much says it all.Here is the video I made for it. But I know not everybody needs to watch a 6-minute video to understand how to use a foam roller, so I made looping GIF's of it to help save you time. That's just how much I love foam rollers.What is a foam roller? How does it work?A foam roller is a self massage tool. During a deep tissue massage, someone typically kneads their fingers/palms/elbows into you and it feels good... right? Well, instead of someone massaging you, you roll over this cylinder and the pressure of your own bodyweight helps to get the knots out and relax your muscles. So, that's why I have one. It's like getting free massages for the rest of your life.Foam Rolling GIFsUpper Back (avoid lower back and neck)Neck (not meant to be aggressive)CalvesShins (lateral side to get anterior tibialis)Quads / Hip Flexors (bent legs and/or straight legs)IT Band / VLO / HipNote: You don't have to constantly roll back and forth. Sometimes, just putting pressure on ONE tender spot and holding it for 30-60sec is effective, too. I just wanted to show you the simple motions you could do. Let me know how you like it! And have a good time rolling! via /r/Fitness
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november 2019 by wexxy
RollerMouse Red Series - Contour Design Inc.
Roller bar mice always seemed like an interesting alternative to conventional HID devices
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october 2019 by asteroza
Radclub: «E-Scooter sind Fun-Geräte» - WELT
Frankfurt/Wiesbaden (dpa/lhe) - Trotz des Hypes um E-Scooter sehen Fachleute in den Elektroflitzern bisher keine ernsthafte Konkurrenz für etablierte Leihfahrradsysteme. via Pocket
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august 2019 by hansdorsch
Online Polyhedral Dice
Online version of a polyhedral dice set for tabletop games.
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august 2019 by dchesters
Blogging Roller: Dave Johnson on open web technologies, social software and Java
an active blog instance of the Java Roller blog solution running on Digital Ocean
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june 2019 by rheotaxis

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