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How to Improve Your Dungeons & Dragons Game, According to D&D Authority Sam Witwer
Dungeons & Dragons is as intimidating as it is freeing. On one hand, you have a game that’s only limited by your imagination—and a big book o’ rules, which you’re free to disregard as you see fit. On the other hand, if you’re the Dungeon Master, you have to walk a tricky tightrope. It’s important to give your players the freedom they need to be crazy and creative, but you also need to restrain them a bit so you can actually complete the campaign or storyline you’re attempting to play.
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11 days ago by basemaly
Listen to Vincent Price's delightful 1969 lecture on witchcraft, magick, and demonology / Boing Boing In 1969, Capitol Records released this incredible double LP set (and double 8-track tape) from Vincent Price titled "Witchcraft-Magic: An Adventure in Demonology." Hear the whole thing above. The nearly two hours of spoken word includes sections on the history and culture of "witchcraft" and helpful guides such as "How To Invoke Spirits, Demons,…
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Rolltop Indigo: The Big List of RPG Plots
my collection of RPG plots, in abstract form. I built this by examining the premises of hundreds of published adventures for all systems (including those systems dear and departed from print), trying to boil them down to common denominators. The results are presented here: arbitrary, and sometimes redundant. Nevertheless, I turn to this list when I'm stuck for a fresh premise for next week's session of my campaign, whatever that campaign might happen to be about at the time. It helps me keep from falling into thematic ruts (my least favorite kind). With any luck, it might serve a similar function for you.
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