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3 days ago by danbri
IKEA designs future autonomous cars that work as hotels, stores, and meeting rooms - MIT Technology Review
Once cars can finally drive themselves, we’ll have more time to enjoy the journey and do other, much more interesting stuff instead. At least that’s the concept behind some of the designs below, developed by retail giant IKEA's “future living lab,” SPACE10, based in Copenhagen.
SPACE10 was asked to come up with designs for autonomous vehicles that would be extensions of our homes, offices, and local institutions. Some of the agency’s seven ideas, shown below, are almost practical. Who can’t imagine autonomously driven cafés or pop-up stores? In fact, they already exist in California—in the form of self-driving cars that have groceries stocked in their back seats.
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4 days ago by dancall
Robotic Process Automation - Digital Workforce
Our Digital Workers apply leading intelligent automation technology including Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning and Cognitive Automation.
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4 days ago by shalmaneser
flassbeck economics international - Economics and politics - comment and analysis
A lack of jobs and insufficient industrialisation are hampering the development of many African countries. Now another threat is seems to be emerging: the automation of production. However, it will take quite a lot of time before robots become cheaper than workers in Africa.

All industrialised countries used low-cost labour to build industries and manufacture mass-produced goods. Today, labour is relatively inexpensive in Africa, and a similar industrialisation process might take off accordingly. Some worry that industrial robots will block this development path. The reason is that robots are most useful when doing routine tasks – precisely the kind of work that is typical of labour-intensive mass production.

At the moment, however, robots are much too expensive to replace thousands upon thousands of workers in labour-intensive industries, most of which are in the very early stages of the industrialisation process. Robots are currently best used in technologically more demanding fields like the automobile or electronics industry.
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6 days ago by dancall

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