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Eric the Robot
Attendees that September were greeted by a robot named Eric who could stand up, bow, look left and right, deliver a four-minute opening address “with appropriate gestures,” and sit down. The speech, imparted by a radio signal, was described as “really sparkling” — apparently literally, as blue sparks shot from Eric’s teeth. 
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12 hours ago by terry
Hörspiel: Roboter-Ethik – Alles unter Kontrolle?
Roboter nähern sich immer mehr dem Menschen an. Sowohl von ihren Bewegungsabläufen, als auch von ihrem Sprachverhalten und vermeintlichen Denken. Brauchen wir eine Roboter-Ethik? Oder ist das alles Quatsch, weil Roboter uns eh nie auf Augenhöhe begegnen können?


[audio src=""]
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2 days ago by walt74
Micro Servo Robot movements - YouTube
a nice small non-3d-printed robot arm design for SG90 servos
robots  electronics 
2 days ago by joem
Micro Servo Robot - YouTube
a nice small non-3d-printed robot arm design for SG90 servos
robots  electronics 
2 days ago by joem
atomclip sg90 robot arm 1 introduction - YouTube
a neat small robot arm design using 4 SG90 servos
robots  3d-printing 
2 days ago by joem
Postmates Debuts A Self-Driving Delivery Robot |
Postmates has stepped up its delivery game with a robot designed with eyes, turn signals and even the ability to yield.
Serve is a semi-autonomous rover that uses cameras and Lidar to navigate sidewalks, but also has a human pilot working remotely who can take control if there’s a problem. And a “Help” button, touchscreen and video chat display that allows customers or passers-by to call for assistance if needed.
Serve will be available in various cities over the next year, starting in Los Angeles. Customers can get their food deliveries by unlocking Serve’s cargo hatch with their phone or a passcode, or the robot can pick up food from restaurants and bring it to a Postmates dispatch hub so delivery people can take packages the last mile.
delivery  ai  robots  trends  future 
4 days ago by dancall
Smaller Version of Amazon Go Opens in Seattle |
Amazon has opened a smaller version of its cashier-free Amazon Go food stores in one of its Seattle offices, according to a report by the New York Post.
The eighth Amazon Go store is 450 square feet, about one-fourth the size of the original location. Located on the sixth floor of Seattle’s famous Macy’s building, it’s only open to Amazon employees and their guests. The store is aimed at office workers and sells salads and snacks.
There are no checkout aisles in the store, and customers need smartphones to enter. Cameras keep track of what shoppers grab – they simply take want from the shelves and the items will be billed to their credit card upon exit.
Amazon Go currently has stores in Chicago, San Francisco and other Seattle locations. Offering physical locations for food is part of a broader Amazon strategy to grow its customer base. Vice President of Amazon Go Gianna Puerini said the smaller concept is meant to serve people in lobbies, shared floors in larger buildings and maybe even hospitals.
amazon  retail  robots  ai  future 
4 days ago by dancall
Teach and learn programming | SoftBank Robotics
The robots Pepper and NAO are ideal platforms to learn robotics and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. These robots are suitable for all teaching levels from primary to secondary school.
FileMaker  Robots  Autism 
6 days ago by TomasMartinez
SoftBank Robotics | Robots humanoïdes et programmables
SoftBank Robotics est le leader mondial de la robotique humanoïde. Découvrez nos robots Pepper et NAO et leurs solutions pour votre entreprise.
Robots  Autism  FileMaker 
6 days ago by TomasMartinez
The Soul in The Machine - Developing for Humans (FrankenJS edition)
Talk by Christian Heilmann that Ben Holliday got the "things computers can do for humans" poster from.
computers  robots  humans  ai 
6 days ago by ghijklmno

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