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Platform is an interesting alternative take to Kiva robots. But the real takeaway is Robots-as-a-Service for the business model, so no money down to automate a warehouse for picking.
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1 hour ago by asteroza
Small Robot Company plants seeds of Farming-as-a-Service via Tom, Dick and Harry
"The ag-tech start-up is developing an AI-powered platform that Tom, Dick and Harry can use to help farmers improve yields and make more money."
digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  iot  robotics  and  ai  use  cases 
2 days ago by jonerp
Soft Robots: Making Robot Air Muscles: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
Pneumatic robot air muscles can be easily made using Oogoo. These flexible, silicone artificial muscles have the advantage that they are inexpensive and can be...
diy  robotics 
4 days ago by anpan
Considering integrating or in to you classroom? The amazing winners from Valentin…
robotics  T4LAwards  makerspaces  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by pipcleaves

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