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Underactuated Robotics
Algorithms for Walking, Running, Swimming, Flying, and Manipulation
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Will Piaggio's Gita Soon Be Your Own Personal R2-D2? - The Atlantic
Schnapp is also a professor at Harvard. And while he might not be the only Harvard faculty member with a robotics start-up, he’s certainly the only professor of Romance languages and literatures to helm one—let alone the experimental division of a 130-year-old Italian motor-vehicle conglomerate.

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Prudential’s Global Head of AI on ‘which algorithm to use and when’ - by @derek_dupreez
"Michael Natusch explains financial services firm Prudential’s strategy around artificial intelligence (AI) - focusing on causation and correlation."
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RT : Europe's leading sci-tech & arts festival is back! Don't miss out - Early Bird tickets end 31 March
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People power, not robots, will overcome humanity’s challenges
Look around: crumbling infrastructure and ageing show how much work there is

Here are 3 reasons we won’t “run out of jobs” according to @TimOReilly
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