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Roman roads and persistence in development | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
Although spatial differences in economic development tend to be highly persistent over time, this is not always the case. This column combines novel data on Roman Empire road networks with data on night-time light intensity to explore the persistence and non-persistence of a key proximate source of growth – public goods provision. Several empirical strategies all point to the
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10 days ago by stevesong
Public goods are REALLY good: thousands of years later, the Roman roads are still paying dividends / Boing Boing
Social scientists often promote the value of public provision of infrastructure as a sound, long-term investment in development and prosperity, pushing back against the neoliberal tendency to abandon public goods in favor of private development. Researchers at the Centre for Economic Policy Research examined the amount of light emitted in territories adjacent to network of…
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The Streets Were Never Free. Congestion Pricing Finally Makes That Plain. - The New York Times
The idea of the open road evokes these intertwined meanings: The freedom to use it should be free. Residential street parking should be free. Traffic lanes should be free. Stretches of public curb dedicated to private driveways? Those should be free, too.

In other ways, the government has heavily subsidized driving, or hidden the reality of who pays for it in places no one sees. Local laws require off-street parking from businesses and housing developers, who pass on the construction cost of it to tenants and customers who may not drive at all.
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16 days ago by tedder42
The battle for the future of Stonehenge
"According to English Heritage’s Kate Mavor, it is pointless to try to argue for a longer tunnel, because the money is simply not going to be made available. 'The whole economic argument crumbles, and there has to be an economic argument for it to get to the top of the Highways England list,' she said. 'If we were to push for a longer tunnel, the scheme would never happen. You have to balance the good versus the bad. In this scheme, the good, at the economically viable length for the tunnel, outweighs the bad.'"
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Redesigning One of Mumbai’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 3 Simple Steps —TheCityFix
Video of junction and changes:
See also:
>While India accounts for only 2 percent of global motor vehicles, it contributes over 12 percent of global road traffic deaths. Around 150,000 people lose their lives on India’s roads every year, making them some of the most dangerous in the world.
>To increase safety – especially at intersections, where pedestrians and cyclists are most vulnerable – WRI India partnered with the Mumbai Traffic Police and the Mumbai Municipal Corporation in 2017 to audit and improve high-risk intersections across the city. The aim of the project, part of Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is to reduce the nearly 500 road fatalities every year in the city, more than 30 percent of which occur at intersections.
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Jan Gehl - Documentary Excerpt - Livable Places - YouTube
Discusses development of a more flexible approach to mixing people, cars, bikes etc on streets. 3m24s long. With Transport Prezi
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From China to Colombia, 5 Cities Making Streets Safer by Design —TheCityFix
> In 2015, the global community committed to halving road deaths and serious injuries by 2020. But city streets are still not safe. More than 3,200 road fatalities occur every day, and this number is expected to increase threefold by 2030, as more cars hit the road. An additional 20 to 50 million people are non-fatally injured and left with permanent disabilities.
> The impacts are pervasive. Economic productivity goes down. Quality of life suffers. Unsurprisingly, cities with poorly designed street networks see the most damage. In fact, 90 percent of the road fatalities occur in low and middle-income countries.
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8 weeks ago by spencertree
The UK transport policy menu: Roads, roads, and a dash of multimo...: Ingenta Connect
i)contends that a recurring policy of predict and provide with regard to road space to try in any way to meet predicted demand undermines the effectiveness and viability of demand management (and hence voluntary behaviour change) because provision of more road space enables people to retain the habit of car use. So, firstly there is a policy disconnect.
2) .. support for demand management may be a diversion from the real policy of car provision.
3)continued dominance of predict and provide conflicts with the best available evidence, not least that road building has little impact on economic activity and cannot be relied on to kick-start the UK economy, and is the result of the influence of a powerful roads industry lobby. We reflect that the Department for Transport funded a programme and evaluation of three Sustainable Travel Towns which showed substantial voluntary travel behaviour change from car use to walking, cycling and public transport. However, despite the positive results, funding on a massive scale continues to be directed to predict and provide policy instead.
4).. challenge is whether voluntary travel behaviour change can be achieved at scale under such conditions.
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