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Prometheus – intro
Prometheus owes its inspiration to Google’s Borgmon and was developed by some ex-Google SRE’s at Soundcloud. It’s written in Go, open source, and is incubated under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Prometheus focuses on the whitebox monitoring of applications and services. Prometheus works by scraping time series data exposed from applications and services. The time series data is exposed by an application itself or via plugins called exporters as HTTP endpoints.
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october 2017 by some_hren
jamtur01/riemann.config: A collection of Riemann configurations
riemann.config - A collection of Riemann configurations
may 2017 by strzalek
riemann-config - Configuration for alerting and event processing in Riemann
riemann  clojure 
may 2017 by strzalek
Tonnetz - Wikipedia
In musical tuning and harmony, the Tonnetz (German: tone-network) is a conceptual lattice diagram representing tonal space first described by Leonhard Euler in 1739.[1]
tonnetz  tone-network  euler  Hugo  Riemann 
april 2017 by gdw

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