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The Uselessness Of Using 'Politically Correct' As An Insult
Yes I corrected the title to match the actual point
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yesterday by RosenJ
Chris Matthews Tears Up Kevin James on Hardball - YouTube
Kevin James didn't know what Neville Chamberlain actually did at Munich in 1938.
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3 days ago by sandykoe
The Right’s “Judeo-Christian” Fixation | The New Republic
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3 days ago by tsuomela
REST is the new SOAP | Hacker News
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3 days ago by nhaliday
Trump Pokes Fun at Himself. Why Do Only Some People See It? - POLITICO Magazine
In August, as he was floating the purchase of a certain Danish territory, he tweeted a picture of a gold-plated Trump hotel photoshopped onto a craggy shore, along with the words, “I promise not to do this to Greenland!” He makes cracks about himself in person, too; at a rally in Louisiana this week, he poked fun at the rambling rhetoric that sometimes gets him into trouble: “I do my best work off script ... I also do my worst work off script.”

These were genuine, self-aware, sometimes even self-deprecating jokes—if you were in the mindset to receive them. Of course, many Trump opponents aren’t. And given his impeachment-triggering behavior and his penchant for crossing the lines of decency, it’s no surprise that many find Trump to be no laughing matter, or have trouble finding lighthearted spots in an ongoing stream of hyperbole and bile. One New York Times column called his “A Presidency Without Humor.” Comedy writer Nell Scovell, who has written jokes for David Letterman and Barack Obama, once declared that if Trump does have a sense of humor, it’s confined to the instances when he “clearly chuckles at the misfortune of others.”

But Trump’s winking stance, jarring and inconsonant though it may be with the rest of liberals’ conception of him, is one of the essential, even primal ways the president keeps his base on board, laughing along.


But the power of self-deprecating humor goes even deeper, Greengross contends: You could actually credit it with helping to perpetuate the species. He points, as explanation, to a peacock. Females are drawn to males with vivid, symmetrical tail feathers, he says, because, on a biological level, a beautiful tail takes a lot of energy to produce. If a peacock with top-notch feathers can be healthy anyway, in spite of trading away some precious physical resources, he’s got to be especially strong; a catch. In the same way, a famous quarterback can afford to mock himself on TV; he has such an abundance of cool that he can afford to give some of it away.

In evolutionary psychology, Greengross says, this idea is known as the “costly signaling theory” or “handicap principle.” If someone with high status is able to thrive in spite of highlighting a weakness, he’s actually displaying strength. According to this principle, a joke from Trump about his political rivals’ hatred of him conveys more than a sense of humor. It also underlines the fact that Trump has become president of the United States while facing down deep hostility—and is now in a strong enough position that he can joke about it.

A decade ago, Greengross conducted a study at the University of New Mexico, where he worked at the time, to test whether self-deprecating humor fit the “costly signaling” framework. Participants listened to audio recordings of people repeating stand-up comedy routines. Some of the joke-tellers were identified as having high status in society; some were described as low-status. Some of the routines were self-deprecating; some were full of put-downs of others. Then, participants were asked to rate the comics on various measures of attractiveness, from intelligence and presumed physical allure to potential as a sexual partner. The study’s subjects consistently ranked the people who used self-deprecating humor as more attractive—but only if they were also described as having high status. If a teller was seen as weak, the act of putting himself down just reminded the audience of his weaknesses.
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8 days ago by sandykoe
DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: A Writing Studies Review of Jim Ridolfo and William Hart-Davidson, editors, Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities
The twenty-three chapters that make up Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities, edited by Jim Ridolfo and William Hart-Davidson, represent the first book-length effort to sustain a conversation around the affinities between these two fields. Though only “rhetoric” is included in the title, this volume really speaks more broadly across writing studies — rhetoric, composition, computers and writing, and technical and professional writing. The theoretical and methodological conundra worked through in the chapters (especially demonstrated through specific project applications) are important first steps toward what will hopefully be a more sustained engagement between the digital humanities and writing studies. On the whole, the volume should be read by the writing studies community, especially as an introduction to the tools and methods employed in the digital humanities that might be of use to their research.
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11 days ago by craniac
Political has gotten dull and has set in. A more approach can…
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23 days ago by Vince
The Rhetoric and Reality of Anthropomorphism in Artificial Intelligence | SpringerLink
"Artificial intelligence (AI) has historically been conceptualized in anthropomorphic terms. Some algorithms deploy biomimetic designs in a deliberate attempt to effect a sort of digital isomorphism of the human brain. Others leverage more general learning strategies that happen to coincide with popular theories of cognitive science and social epistemology. In this paper, I challenge the anthropomorphic credentials of the neural network algorithm, whose similarities to human cognition I argue are vastly overstated and narrowly construed. I submit that three alternative supervised learning methods—namely lasso penalties, bagging, and boosting—offer subtler, more interesting analogies to human reasoning as both an individual and a social phenomenon. Despite the temptation to fall back on anthropomorphic tropes when discussing AI, however, I conclude that such rhetoric is at best misleading and at worst downright dangerous. The impulse to humanize algorithms is an obstacle to properly conceptualizing the ethical challenges posed by emerging technologies."
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24 days ago by cshalizi

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