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The Last Jedi came thrillingly close to upending Star Wars — but lost its nerve - Vox
The second hint at moral ambiguity comes when DJ (the random criminal who Rose and Finn befriend in their search for the codebreaker) explains to Finn that the same people selling weapons to the First Order are also selling them to the Resistance. The war grinds on, young and poor people die, and the galactic 1 percent benefits either way. Light rises, and dark rises to meet it. One side wins, then the other. “It's all a machine, partner,” he says. “Live free, don't join.”
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15 hours ago by elrob
Reviews & Age Ratings - Best Movies, Books, Apps, Games for Kids
Common Sense Media improves the lives of kids and families by providing independent reviews, age ratings, & other information about all types of media.
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yesterday by chenyang
Siglent SDS1204X-E oscilloscope - Ganssle Episode 20
Jack Ganssle's review of Siglent's new (December 2018) SDS1204X-E 4-ch oscilloscope: a lot of value for the money ($750). 2018-Jan-18, YouTube, 8:50
YouTube  video  oscilloscopes  test-equipment  Ganssle  reviews  2018 
yesterday by amoore
Fakespot | Analyze and identify fake reviews
Site analyzes Amazon, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Apple store reviews and identifies the percentage that are fake.
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2 days ago by sparky989
Kyokuto F.O.B COOP B5 Dot Grid and Lined Notebooks – Review – – Fountain Pen, Ink, and Stationery Reviews
"Here’s where things get weird. The white paper in the notebooks is wonderfully smooth and super bright. There’s no feathering at all and the ink dries very quickly on the page. However, there’s a prety substantial amount of show through and some bleed through. This is odd, especially because the paper is 81 grams (Rhodia = 80g, Clairefontaine = 90g). It’s not all about the weight of the paper, and this paper proves it. The tradeoff here is the fast dry time."


"The Kyokuto F.O.B COOP books are so close to being perfect. If not being able to use the back of the page with fountain pens isn’t an issue for you, you’ll definitely enjoy these notebooks. Definitely try out these super smooth, bright white notebooks. I’ll continue to use the dot grid for my ink reviews because they do a great job of showing off the true color, and I love the B5 size."
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2 days ago by handcoding

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