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Media democratization and the rise of Trump | ROUGH TYPE
"The following review of the book Trump and the Media appeared originally, in a slightly different form, in the Los Angeles Review of Books."
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A Tale of Two States - Los Angeles Review of Books
"The Fall of Wisconsin:The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics By Dan Kaufman Published 07.10.2018 W. W. Norton & Company 336 Pages State of Resistance: What California’s Dizzying Descent and Remarkable Resurgence Mean for America’s Future By Manuel Pastor Published 04.03.2018 The New Press 288 Pages"
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yesterday by tsuomela
The Best Tent for Family and Car Camping: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
After researching more than two dozen family car-camping tents, talking with a tent designer, interviewing an expert on family camping, and sleeping and playing in a total of 13 large tents on four weekend camping trips and in a neighbor’s flat backyard, we think the Eureka Copper Canyon 6 is the best car-camping tent for most families. Of all the models we tested, the Copper Canyon 6 offers the best combination of a spacious interior, easy setup, good durability, and a reasonable price.
Our pick
Eureka Copper Canyon 6
The best family car-camping tent
Spacious, versatile, and affordable, the Copper Canyon 6 has all the features most car campers need and none of the fussy extras they don’t.
$260* from Amazon
*At the time of publishing, the price was $241.
With a peak height of 7 feet and a cubelike shape, the Copper Canyon 6 was among the roomiest of the tents we tested, with extra space to help you stay organized and sleep more comfortably. It is big and boxy, but as long as you plan on lugging your tent only a couple hundred feet, you don’t need something ultralight and high-tech. Although it isn’t built for stormy weather, it is still tough and durable enough to ride out most rainstorms and windstorms. With a time-tested design, this popular tent is one you can expect to pitch for years to come.
camping  sleep  comparo  review  wirecutter 
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REDEF ORIGINAL: Why HBO Needs to Grow (The Future of HBO, Pt. I)
HBO is one of the most successful media brands in history. But like all businesses, it will still need to change and grow if it wants to remain king. Over-the-top distribution means far more than just changing screens.
HBO  television  streamingmedia  profile  review  flywheel  winnertakesall  forecast  REDEF  2018 
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New Music Monday: Heartless Bastards - The Manual | The Manual
...“Hi-Line” is surrounded by two of the catchiest tracks on the album, “Black Cloud” and “Journey.” Both songs, like much of the album, deal with personal realizations Wennerstrom had in the time between the release of Heartless Bastard’s previous album, Arrow, and the recording of Restless Ones. “Black Cloud” features the lines, “I had spun out and filled myself with doubt. I was standing in the doorway with the key to my own suffering, and I said to myself, ‘There’s no use trying to be what you want me to be,” while “Journey’s” reminds the listener that the “journey is the destination.”...
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Heartless Bastards “Black Cloud” | Surviving the Golden Age
On June 17th, Heartless Bastards will release their fifth album, Restless Ones. The lead single from the album is “Black Cloud.” A lazy pop track with a classic rock vibe, “Black Cloud” is reminiscent of bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival or Foghat.
music  garage_rock  review  2010s 
3 days ago by rgl7194
LISTEN: Heartless Bastards Release New Song “Black Cloud” - mxdwn Music
Heartless Bastards have just released a track called “Black Cloud” off of their forthcoming album Restless Ones.
Restless Ones is the group’s fifth studio album and will be released June 16 via Partisan. They will also be touring North America in support of the new album in June and July. The Ohio-based band already played at a SXSW 2015 party sponsored by Rdio. They released the music video for their first single from the record, “Gates of Dawn,” recently and have already decided to follow up with another track.
“Black Cloud” will be a great summer song from Heartless Bastards, with a mid-tempo beat and a relaxed garage band sound that would be perfect for hanging out by the pool or playing at a party. The lyrics of the song are almost anthemic, with lines like “there’s no use in trying to be, to be, who you want me to be, to be.” Listen to the new track below.
music  garage_rock  review  2010s 
3 days ago by rgl7194
CR: Apple Pay Cash is the best peer-to-peer mobile payment service
If you're still on the fence about P2P, I don't know if CR will change your mind, but I'd recommend trying it out for yourself and seeing how you like it.
My views on Consumer Reports should be well known by now: Ever since Antennagate, it seems to emphasize sensationalism in tech coverage and rushed attention-seeking over the high-quality research work it used to be known and loved for. And that doesn't change just because CR thinks Apple Pay is the best mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) payment service.
In our first-ever test-based ratings of P2P mobile services, CR rated Apple Pay the highest overall, with excellent or very good marks in the key consumer-protection measures of payment authentication and data privacy. Apple's overall rating was significantly higher than for the other services we tested: Venmo, Square's Cash App, Facebook P2P Payments in Messenger, and Zelle.
CR liked the privacy aspects of Apple Pay:
Apple Pay was the only service that got top marks from CR for data privacy, because its policies state that it limits the information it collects and shares on users and their transactions. It doesn't store credit card or debit card numbers, and it states in the terms and conditions that it doesn't sell users' personal information to third parties, CR found.
apple_pay  review  privacy 
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The Best Extension Cords for Your Home and Garage: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
After more than 20 hours researching over 44 different extension cords, talking with safety experts, and testing six of the most promising for flexibility in zero-degree temps, we recommend the U.S. Wire & Cable 50 FT. Extreme All-Weather Extension Cord. It’s the most flexible cord we tested, it’s durable in all types of weather, it won’t break down if dragged through oil or grease, and it makes a strong connection—all of which add up to a cord that should last for years even in the harshest environments.
Our pick
U.S. Wire & Cable 50 FT. Extreme All-Weather Extension Cord
The best extension cord
With a solid power rating and durable construction, this cord can safely handle any job around a home or garage. Plus, it’s the most flexible cord we’ve tested, even in freezing temps.
$41 from Amazon
Because the U.S. Wire & Cable 50 FT. Extreme All-Weather Extension Cord is the most flexible cord we’ve ever tried, it is easy to work with whether you’re in the height of summer heat or the depths of a near-zero-degree winter. The thick, 12-gauge wires inside are rated to handle up to 15 amps—as much as most residential breakers will allow—making it safe to use with most tools and equipment in the US. The outlet has a small LED that lights up when the cord is live. If you’re going to own only one extension cord, the 50-foot version is versatile enough to maneuver across a two-car garage, run between two rooms indoors, or stretch deep into a yard outside. This same cord is also available in a 25-foot length if you want something more manageable, and a 100-foot length if you need more range but want to avoid daisy-chaining cords.
cables  electric  review  comparo  wirecutter 
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How to Pick the Best Extension Cord at the Hardware Store: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
The extension cords you’ll find for sale online are better quality and cost less than the ones generally stocked at brick-and-mortar hardware stores. If you can wait a day or two for shipping, buying online is the way to go. But that’s not particularly helpful advice if you’re in the middle of a project and need an extension cord right now. If you’re going to have only one cord, focus on indoor/outdoor extension cords—generally the ones in bright colors—and follow the tips laid out here to snag the best cord among the limited options in the store. If you’re looking for an indoor cord just to extend your phone charger or plug in a lamp, the guidelines are a little different.
Buy longer than you think you’ll need
When you’re guessing how long of an extension cord you need, leave yourself extra room for error and buy the next longest cord. Not only is a longer cord more convenient—it’s annoying to just barely reach your work area—-but it’s safer too. That’s because you’re not supposed to daisy-chain extension cords, connecting one to another. The extra length of multiple cords plugged in to each other (without thicker wires to make up for the distance) adds electrical resistance between the outlet and the thing you’re trying to power. Added resistance can in turn cause voltage drops that will make equipment like drills, saws, and vacuums run at lower power. The extra resistance of daisy-chaining cords can also cause additional heat to build up along the way, increasing the risk of one of the cords melting or even starting a fire.
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