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Fiat Shares Slide as Car Maker Struggles in Post-Marchionne Era - WSJ
Investors spooked after car maker says it’s fourth-quarter margin came in under the expectations
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9 days ago by automotive
Jaguar Land Rover takes $4.4B hit, writes down value of cars, plants
It is the third straight quarterly loss for the British automaker, which has been hit hard by U.S.-China trade tensions, low demand for diesel cars in Europe and Brexit worries.
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11 days ago by automotive
FCA says Q4 net surged 61% on N.A. growth, margins
FCA's quarterly gain was driven by its North American business, which boosted adjusted earnings almost 25 percent to $1.9 billion. FCA's net pricing and margins rose because of the regional unit's focus on trucks and SUVs. Adjusted margins increased to 8.7 percent from 8.0 percent a year ago. North American revenue surged 15 percent to $22.0 billion. 
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11 days ago by automotive
Volvo reports record profit but feels tariff-driven margin squeeze
He blames the reduced margin on the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China, weakening overall demand for cars in Europe and China, and pricing pressure in China.
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11 days ago by automotive
GM posts $2 billion Q4 net profit on strong N.A. results
Operating profit margin: The North American margin for the year was 9.5 percent, including 10.2 percent for the fourth quarter. It was the first time since 2014 that the company’s profit margin for the region dropped below 10 percent. 
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11 days ago by automotive
Toyota quarterly profit steady as rising costs offset better mix
North American wholesale deliveries declined 7.5 percent to 680,00 in fiscal third quarter, while regional operating profit retreated 2.2 percent to 26.4 billion yen ($239.5 million).
toyotac  revenue 
11 days ago by automotive
Daimler’s quarterly profit falls 22% as investment costs, tariffs hit Mercedes
Mercedes passenger car sales rose 4 percent in the fourth quarter but increased tariffs on vehicles exported from the United States to China and delivery stoppages for individual diesel models hit demand and resulted in weaker prices.
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11 days ago by automotive
Has Subscription Media Peaked? — The Information
subscription model for quality or niche content
ad model for content that maximizes eyeballs
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11 days ago by yencarnacion
Inside Facebook Decisions on Subscriptions, Content Policing — The Information
People don’t scale. Google’s success stemmed in large part because it figured out how to sell ads with a minimum number of people involved, instead relying on software automation and by recruiting the world’s best engineers.
By 2016, Facebook was making $600,000 per employee. By comparison, Google in the same year made $270,000.
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11 days ago by yencarnacion

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