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The Restart Page
Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems
fun  retro 
yesterday by linuslundahl
Arduino Joystick Library
Turn an Arduino Leonardo into a joystick controller.
Retro  hardware  arduino 
2 days ago by asommer
Old School PC BIOS
Splash Bootscreen Generator
3ds  retro  themes 
4 days ago by xcession
Ono Sendai Cyberdeck V3 - Album on Imgur
This is my 3rd Cyberdeck style computer build. The chassis is a reproduction Commodore 64c case. The logic board is a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. The screen is the official Raspberry Pi 7
retro  cyberpunk  raspberrypi 
6 days ago by micktwomey
Athari/CssGitHubWindows: (UserStyle) GitHub Windows Edition [MIT]
CssGitHubWindows is a user style which transforms GitHub's pages into a GUI resembling Windows 9x. All modern browsers should be supported.
github  windows  css  retro  humor 
8 days ago by segfault

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