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9 Effective Solutions When Windows Is Stuck on Welcome Screen
Multiple users have ever experienced the issue that Windows gets stuck on Welcome screen when booting. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce 9 solutions to this problem.
bootrec  CHKDSK  recover  outlook  Startup  Repair  Stuck  on  Welcome  Screen  System  File  Check  Restore  USB  Devices  windows  error  Update  Service 
2 days ago by DataNumen
5 Effective Solutions When iPhone Won’t Turn On
If your iPhone won’t turn on and stuck in black screen, you’ll surely be anxious about your iPhone data and hope to solve this problem as quickly as possible. Thus, here we will show you 5 effective solutions to this issue.
corrupt  PST  Force  Restart  iPhone  Hard  Reset  Won't  Turn  On  Restore 
4 days ago by DataNumen
3 Common Cases when Partition Table Can Be Easily Damaged
Partition table is vitally significant in that it describes the information of partitions and file systems in a hard drive. If it gets damaged, the entire drive data will be in danger of permanent loss. Now, this article will expose 3 top cases when partition table can be corrupted easily.
Clone  Disk  Damaged  Partition  Table  Operating  System  PST  corruption  Repartition  Drive  Resize  Restore  Copy 
16 days ago by DataNumen
How to use disk mode on your iPod
"f you can't restore your iPod or it's not recognized in iTunes, try using disk mode." - Apple Support
iPod  disk-mode  instructions  how-to  troubleshooting  DiskMode  howto  technical  techsupport  restore  iTunes  Apple  Support  Apple-Support  AppleSupport  official 
19 days ago by Mykl
How to Backup Containers
Performing routine backups is always a good practice, and containers are no exception. Currently, this process is not the most straightforward due to the locked down termina VM, so here's how you can protect your data in case you need to powerwash.
crostini  crome  os  backup  restore  powerwash 
21 days ago by rmrfslashbin
How did this advocate of e-waste reuse end up behind bars? • The Washington Post
Tom Jackman:
<p>A California man who built a sizable business out of recycling electronic waste is headed to federal prison for 15 months after a federal appeals court in Miami rejected his claim that the “restore disks” he made to extend the lives of computers had no financial value, instead ruling that he had infringed Microsoft’s products to the tune of $700,000.

The appeals court upheld a federal district judge’s ruling that the disks made by Eric Lundgren to restore Microsoft operating systems had a value of $25 apiece, even though they could be downloaded free and could be used only on computers with a valid Microsoft license. The US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit initially granted Lundgren an emergency stay of his prison sentence, shortly before he was to surrender, but then affirmed his original 15-month sentence and $50,000 fine without hearing oral argument in a ruling issued April 11…

…Initially, federal prosecutors valued the disks at $299 each, the cost of a brand-new Windows operating system, and Lundgren’s indictment claimed he had cost Microsoft $8.3m in lost sales. By the time of sentencing, a Microsoft letter to Hurley and a Microsoft expert witness had reduced the value of the disks to $25 apiece, stating that was what Microsoft charged refurbishers for such disks.

But both the letter and the expert were pricing a disk that came with a Microsoft license. “These sales of counterfeit operating systems,” Microsoft lawyer Bonnie MacNaughton wrote to the judge, “displaced Microsoft’s potential sales of genuine operating systems.” But Lundgren’s disks had no licenses and were intended for computers that already had licenses.</p>

Man tries to do good, gets run over by US Customs. (Microsoft's role in this is unclear; it doesn't seem to have agitated for a prosecution.)
microsoft  restore  copyright 
25 days ago by charlesarthur
Mit der Account-Wiederherstellung über eine Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung Apple-ID wiederherstellen - Apple Support
Wenn Sie die Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung verwenden und sich weder mit Ihrer Apple-ID anmelden noch Ihr Passwort zurücksetzen können, erhalten Sie mit der Account-Wiederherstellung wieder Zugriff auf Ihren Account.
reference  two-factor  password  kbase  restore  apple  howto  reset  appleid 
29 days ago by ferdinandfuchs
5 Ways to Fix “The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information” Error in Windows
Have you ever received “The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information” error when booting your PC? In this article, we will teach you to fix this issue step by step.
Automatic  Repair  Boot  Configuration  Data  file  bootrec  Command  Prompt  Error  pst  recovery  Drive  Replace  Hard  Restore  PC 
4 weeks ago by DataNumen

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