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The Worst Things New York Diners Do in Restaurants
"Have you ever told a host at a restaurant that the rest of your party was “right around the corner” or “one stop away” or “just parking the car”? Then you are one of the many types of diners general manager Erica Hall encounters while running the front of house at popular Brooklyn restaurant Win Son. Anxious-but-not-actually ready orderers, line hoppers, PDA couples, networkers, picky eaters, and groups that always want just one more chair — she sees these types and more night after night. And she talks about all of it with Daniel Geneen — he’s the guy who’s always sharing food with strangers at the next table."
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Richmond VA

GQ Best Restaurant 2019
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Cafe La Trova
GQ Best Restaurant 2019
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Houston, TX

GQ Best restaurants 2019
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Chicago | Find your nearest black-owned restaurant | Black People Eats
Subscribe to Black People Eats, a Vlog for food lovers! Let’s discover great food, new restaurants, delicious food products, & everything in between!
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Find your nearest black-owned restaurant | Black People Eats
Subscribe to Black People Eats, a Vlog for food lovers! Let’s discover great food, new restaurants, delicious food products, & everything in between!
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Traveling Spoon
local home chefs - dining and cooking lessons
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From the Purveyors of New York’s Best Mozzarella, a New Cafe - The New York Times
Walk into the main store now, in the run up to Easter, and the place is a forest of chocolate eggs in pink, blue and yellow wrappers hanging from the ceiling, among the dangling whole hams and enormous cheeses. Lou, Sal, Marie and Jessica are behind the counter selling an astonishing array of wonderful Italian cheeses (my favorite: a pungent blue with a rind made of cranberries soaked in port), cured meats (I love the mortadella with pistachios), pasta, small-batch olive oils and aged balsamic vinegar so thick you can spread it on bread. There are Italian groceries — jams, honey, cookies — and prepared foods including eggplant parm, meatballs and porchetta, its rings of fat crackling brown with heat and flavor.
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