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Fine Dining Lovers: the fine dining magazine for foodies
Exploring the culture of taste and the pleasures of conviviality, Fine Dining Lovers is a fine dining magazine by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna. Inspirational stories, chef interviews, daily blogs, videos, photos and recipes: whether you’re an expert gourmand or a curious foodie, you’ve come to the right place.
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3 days ago by martantt
Past and future of Vancouver's Chinatown showcased at new restaurant - British Columbia - CBC News
'Everything doesn't need to be old and traditional but ... everything can't be new and different'
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3 days ago by aeng
Culture, Values & About Us | Ignite Hospitality Marketing Agency
A team of designers, developers, strategists and marketers, who work with hospitality businesses globally to excite and delight their customers.
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3 days ago by stephan.poetschner
CAVEAT is New York’s newest speakeasy stage for playful, intelligent nightlife. Join us for drinks and go home smarter. Our core creative team includes a recovering theoretical physicist, a renegade museum tour guide, and a one-time Moth StorySlam champion. That love for science and unconventional storytelling is at the heart of Caveat’s booking philosophy: we regularly host comedy, science talks, storytelling, concerts, trivia competitions, live recorded podcasts, and special events that defy description… you’ll have to come experience them for yourself! Ticket prices range from $10 to $20 for most events.
nyc  todo  science  bar  restaurant  venue 
5 days ago by rsewan
Noma eröffnet nach einem Jahr Pause wieder | Stil - Sü
Zuletzt gastierte das vielfach ausgezeichnete Gourmetrestaurant in Tokio, Sydney und auf Yucatan. Jetzt hat es ein 7000 Quadratmeter großes Areal in der Freistadt Christiania in Kopenhagen bezogen - und sorgt für Aufregung.
Noma  Restaurant  Kopenhagen  News  NordicCuisine 
6 days ago by Einfach_Essen

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