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Building Self Documenting REST APIs
How to build self documenting APIs with HAL and Swagger
14 hours ago by brysmi
REST vs. RPC: what problems are you trying to solve with your APIs? | Google Cloud Blog
"If you ask most software developers why they define and build APIs, they are likely to explain that they have an application that is implemented as multiple distributed components, and those components call each other's APIs for the complete application to function. They may also say that they are implementing the API of a service that is used by multiple applications.

When developers design APIs to solve these kinds of problems, the solution characteristics they will typically prioritize are ease of programming for both the client and the server, and efficiency of execution. RPC is a good match for these priorities. RPC fits very well with the thought processes and skills of programmers on both the producer and consumer side of an API. Calling a remote procedure is usually syntactically the same as calling a normal programming language procedure, and learning the procedures of a remote API is very similar to learning a new programming library. RPC implementations also tend to be efficient—the data that is passed between the client and the server is usually encoded in binary formats, and the RPC style encourages relatively small messages (although some care has to be taken to avoid overly chatty interactions).

If RPC is such a good fit with the rest of software development, why is there another popular model for APIs—REST—and why is there so much controversy about which to use?"
apis  design  rest  http  rpc 
15 hours ago by earth2marsh
Swagger UI | API Development Tools | Swagger
Visualize and interact with your API's resources without having any of the implementation logic in place. Learn more now!
dev  restful  api  REST  swagger  test  testing 
18 hours ago by ngaloppo
A No Nonsense GraphQL and REST Comparison
Need an honest comparison between and ? – almost expectedly – has you covered:
GraphQL  REST  from twitter_favs
yesterday by parsingphase
eykrehbein/strest: ⚡️ Set up tests for REST in seconds with YAML
⚡️ Set up tests for REST in seconds with YAML. Contribute to eykrehbein/strest development by creating an account on GitHub.
rest  testing  yaml  github 
yesterday by jppferguson
jirutka/rsql-parser: Parser for RSQL / FIQL – query language for RESTful APIs
Parser for RSQL / FIQL – query language for RESTful APIs - jirutka/rsql-parser
opensource  rest  querying 
3 days ago by kwbr

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