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Interactive Typography cheatsheet
A useful guide to typographical terminology. Just click on the highlighted parts of each letter and a popup will tell you what that part of the letterform is called.
typography  cheatsheet  tutorial  documentation  font  resource 
21 hours ago by searchmeister
Urban Food Production
Gain a command of the entire growing process from seed to harvest and explore the relationships between soil and plants, plants and insects, and how to move towards an optimum natural relationship in the garden.
plants  gardening  learning  urban  soil  seed  harvest  class  resource 
23 hours ago by izziezahorian
Interactive Typography cheatsheet
Interactive Typography Cheatsheet
Click/tap the highlighted sections to learn their names.
cheatsheet  resource  interactive  typography  fun  type  learning 
yesterday by gwippich - All Breakfast All The Time
Over 2,800 breakfast recipes and an archive of classic breakfast cereals. Articles and features all related to the first meal of the day.
breakfast  food  recipes  directory  links  resource 
yesterday by garrettc
Download free icons, music, stock photos, vectors
Designers, download the design stuff for free — icons, photos, UX illustrations, and music for your videos.
free  icons  resources  webdesign  graphics  sketch  resource 
yesterday by dholland

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