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Choose the Best GoPro Settings for your filming situation.
The best GoPro settings can be hard to find. What are you filming? Your car, surfing, your kids? All can require different settings to optimize your video.
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yesterday by robhawkes
Advanced Protune Controls Explained
With HERO3+ Black Edition version HD3.11.02.00 and higher, there are advanced Protune™ controls for Color, ISO Limit, Sharpness and Exposure.  These advanced Protune settings provide a greater degree of control compared to the previous Protune implementation.
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yesterday by robhawkes
Understanding Your New GoPro
So you got a new GoPro HERO3 Black Edition! Luckily for you, GoPro has added about 137 different filming options so you’ll never really be sure if you’re using the right mode for the activity/film job.  Hopefully I can break it down a bit and unshroud the mysteries of the modes.  Keep in mind this is written for the slightly technologically inclined. This specific guide was written for the HERO3 line of cameras, but many of the principles and ideas transfer up to the later models of HERO3+ and HERO4.
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yesterday by robhawkes
[FIX] Screen Resolution not Fitting Your Monitor After installing Non-Free Nvidia Driver on Ubuntu/Linux Mint
In this tutorial, we will see how to fix screen resolution after installing the non-free Nvidia driver ( Nvidia restricted driver). This fix only applies to Nvidia graphics cards running the non-free Nvidia driver, it will helps you set the correct screen resolution that fits your monitor. This tutorial is for users of Ubuntu 16.10/16.04 and Linux Mint 18 or older. Getting Started Open the

via [FIX] Screen Resolution not Fitting Your Monitor After installing Non-Free Nvidia Driver on Ubuntu/Linux Mint
IFTTT  [FIX]  Screen  Resolution  not  Fitting  Your  Monitor  After  installing  Non-Free  Nvidia  Driver  on  Ubuntu/Linux  Mint 
24 days ago by davidmarsden
How to Fix Resolution Problems With High DPI Screens
How to Fix Resolution Problems With High DPI Screens
resolution  DPI  4k  JDeveloper 
4 weeks ago by OracleADF
SSMS 16.3 Release: Initial high-resolution monitor support | SQL Server Release Services
PSA: If you're using SSMS on a HiDPI setup, enabling scaling support is manual but working pretty well. Here's now:
high  dpi  resolution  Windows  manifest  registry 
6 weeks ago by vonc
Are Tiled Display Walls Needed for Astronomy?
Clustering commodity displays into a Tiled Display Wall (TDW) provides a cost-effective way to create an extremely high resolution display, capable of approaching the image sizes now generated by modern astronomical instruments. Many research institutions have constructed TDWs on the basis that they will improve the scientific outcomes of astronomical imagery. We test this concept by presenting sample images to astronomers and non-astronomers using a standard desktop display (SDD) and a TDW. These samples include standard English words, wide field galaxy surveys and nebulae mosaics from the Hubble telescope. Our experiments show that TDWs provide a better environment than SDDs for searching for small targets in large images. They also show that astronomers tend to be better at searching images for targets than non-astronomers, both groups are generally better when employing physical navigation as opposed to virtual navigation, and that the combination of two non-astronomers using a TDW rivals the experience of a single astronomer. However, there is also a large distribution in aptitude amongst the participants and the nature of the content also plays a significant role in success.
display  displays  images  monitor  resolution 
6 weeks ago by bezthomas
Positioning panel |Adobe Community
You could reposition the window in the .onShow event:
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7 weeks ago by ConstantinCerdan

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