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[Updated - Turtorial] Non 2x Custom Hidpi Mode on Macs - Fixed mouse delay problem
Updated: It would be highly appreciated if you can share your Mac model, monitor model and max Hidpi setting in this thread. I will then tidy that up...
macos  resolution  HiDPI 
2 days ago by jarechu
Apple has already begun the process of bringing Retina graphics to their non-Retina Macs - but for many, the process isn't happening nearly fast enough! There is a way to get a taste of what Retina graphics would look like on your Mac ahead of time, however - and Apple has provided instructions for exactly how to enable Retina graphics on your non-Retina Mac!
macos  resolution 
2 days ago by jarechu
Usar monitores 4K y televisores Ultra HD con el Mac
Obtén información acerca de qué ordenadores Mac pueden utilizar monitores 4K y televisores Ultra HD, y cómo configurarlos y ajustarlos.
macos  HiDPI  resolution  monitor 
4 days ago by jarechu
Hello guys ! I'm here to ask if someone tried successfully to plug a 3840*2160 monitor with a 13" Retina MacBook pro late 2013, and has been able to...
macos  monitor  HiDPI  resolution 
4 days ago by jarechu

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