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Resize OnePlus One screen dpi without root using Ubuntu |
To set your DPI, turn your OPO screen off and run the following comment – change the number to your preferred DPI.

adb shell wm density 420 && adb reboot
Once your OPO reboots it should look a lot difference! Re-run the command above if you don’t like the look and want to change the sizing.
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11 days ago by coffeebucket
[TOOL] Google Play DPI Fix - v1.4.2 (31/12/1… | Android Development and Hacking | XDA Forums
I know I should be working more on APK Batch Installer Tool, but I needed a break from it for a while (got myself stuck in some nasty code), and I decided to make an app for something that has been bothering me for a while now:

A lot of us at XDA know about build.prop modification to change our device's DPI to something else, so that we have more real estate. It is just awesome, simply put. The problem with doing that is that some apps in Play Store don't show up, and you can only get around this by manually downloading installing a modded Play Store, and even then, the settings won't stick without a modded Google Service Framework along with that.

It's a tiring and tedious process, and one that many people give up on, and that's why I made this tool. Now, What's so different about this tool than the rest? I'll shortly explain. The difference comes in the fact that it does not require you to download any modded files into your device. It takes existing Play Store and Google Service Framework APKs on your device, decompiles them, mods them, compiles them back, signs them, zipaligns them and certifies them... ALL AUTOMATICALLY!
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11 days ago by coffeebucket
[no title]
[09:44:26] sgran: what I'd like to do is a clean way to have the "ok" message go to the same channel when a service goes green again
[09:45:05] sgran: I can't see a nice way to track the 'previous state' of an event stream, especially downstream from a (runs ... block (which is how I've implemented flap detection)
[09:45:20] sgran: has anyone else done anything like this, or have any suggestions?
[11:38:34] aphyr: sgran: How about a moving-event-window of size 2?
[11:38:52] aphyr: stable -> changed-state -> moving-event-window
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13 days ago by bfritz
New Embedded Display Port 1.4a to make 8k resolution displays possible on notebooks
Over the past year or two, notebooks with 4K displays have almost gone mainstream and more manufacturers are joining the 4K display bandwagon. However, soon the 4K resolution could seem outdated as the Video Electronics Standards Association today published the Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) standard version 1.4a that will allow all-in-one computers and notebooks to feature...

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New  Embedded  Display  Port  1.4a  to  make  8k  resolution  displays  possible  on  notebooks 
16 days ago by vrzone
Apple may stick with 8MP resolution for the iPhone 6s camera
If you held off upgrading to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus thinking you want to wait until Apple bumps up the resolution on the rear camera, you may need to wait yet another year as an industry analyst has claimed that the Cupertino based company will stick with the 8MP resolution camera on this...

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The post Apple may stick with 8MP resolution for the iPhone 6s camera appeared first on VR-Zone.
Apple  may  stick  with  8MP  resolution  for  the  iPhone  6s  camera 
17 days ago by vrzone
I am the fold
"An experiment to show how designing for The Fold can be treacherous. Each line below is a past-visitor's viewport height. Take care when making assumptions about people's screen sizes on the web."
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17 days ago by jsm
Canon launches new flagship 5Ds & 5Ds R DSLRs with 50.6MP resolution
Canon today made a big splash with the announcement of its new flagship full-frame sensor DSLRs – Canon 5Ds & 5Ds R. The two new DSLRs put Canon back at the top of the hill when it comes to resolution. These new cameras feature 50.6 megapixel sensors, the highest resolution among full-frame cameras yet. The...

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The post Canon launches new flagship 5Ds & 5Ds R DSLRs with 50.6MP resolution appeared first on VR-Zone.
Canon  launches  new  flagship  5Ds  &  R  DSLRs  with  50.6MP  resolution 
19 days ago by vrzone

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