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RT : 5 books every member should read.

1.1984 Geo.Orwell

2.The Femine Mystigue.Betty Friedan.

3.A Peoples…
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2 days ago by roens
How to Fight the Power with Joy, a Lesson From Corita Kent | | Eye on Design
"In a time of political toxicity and divisiveness, what can we learn from the famed activist, nun, and graphic designer?"
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3 days ago by robertogreco
Kirstjen Nielsen: ex-homeland security secretary facing a boycott - Vox
“It’s frustrating watching people who do evil with official sanction welcomed back into polite society, as though the infliction of suffering is just another fascinating life experience, and the defense of pointless cruelty one more interesting perspective to engage,” Julian Sanchez, a senior fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute who signed the letter, tells me. “If someone caged children as a hobby, they’d rightly be treated like a goddamn pariah by everyone. If you make it a vocation, you can look forward to a [Harvard] Kennedy School chair. It’s diseased, and I don’t want to play along.”
13 days ago by souldoubt
Data Obfuscation and Facial Recognition Faceoff: Possible #Netnarr Field Guide Topics – CogDogBlog
...and also @cogdog getting obfuscatorially into resistance.... (tho I immediately get susp…
resistance  adbusting  @cogdog 
14 days ago by psychemedia
The Erin thing is a tic, cf calling Tomi Lahren “Tammy” etc. their problem is that there’s not really a…
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18 days ago by ndfine

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