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Create a windows password reset tool in Powershell - Think Tree IT
Creating the windows password reset tool Back in my early IT days, i was tasked with resetting  active directory passwords or unlocking them whenever a user
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6 weeks ago by gilberto5757
gist of revert and reset
# Revert the commit 0766c053
# Note that commit may not necessary be the last commit, it can be ANY commit
git revert 0766c053

# Revert the changes specified by the fourth last commit in HEAD and create a new commit with the reverted changes.
git revert HEAD~3

# Revert the changes done by commits from the fifth last commit in master (included) to the third last commit in master (included), but do not create any commit with the reverted changes. The revert only modifies the working tree and the index.
git revert -n master~5..master~2
git  revert  reset 
6 weeks ago by bikesandbooks

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