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Study finds that many adolescents with #disabilities experience detrimental mental health due to #bullying.

— Parsing Science (@ParsingScience) August 16, 2018
research  parsingscience 
5 minutes ago by dougleigh
Bullshit-sensitivity predicts prosocial behavior
The results suggest that people who are better at distinguishing the pseudo-profound from the actually profound are more prosocial.
psychology  research 
1 hour ago by lena
Researchers find that large #earthquake may lead to additional big quakes on the opposite side of the Earth.

— Parsing Science (@ParsingScience) August 16, 2018
research  parsingscience 
3 hours ago by dougleigh
Technology-rich activities: One type does not motivate all - ScienceDirect
"data collected at three time points during a four-day intervention designed to explore the value added of technology-rich activities within an inquiry mathematics curriculum" -- wow, large set of longitudinal data there
research  impact  evaluation 
4 hours ago by WBedutech
PayPal Here: Credit Card Readers & Mobile Point of Sale App
Get paid with PayPal Here. With the PayPal Here app and your choice of card readers, you can get paid on-the-go or in your store - for just 2.7% per US swipe transaction. Accept major credit and debit cards in person or on-the-go, send invoices and record cash and check transactions. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  payments  paypal  programming  research  startup 
4 hours ago by jeremyday
Dating Study: At What Age Are Men, Women Most Desirable? - The Atlantic
A massive new study of online dating finds that everyone dates aspirationally—and that a woman’s desirability peaks 32 years before a man’s does.
onlinedating  relationships  research  USA  TheAtlantic  2018 
5 hours ago by inspiral
Study finds that children with #ADHD tend to respond best to #Ritalin-type drugs while adults to those like #Adderall.

— Parsing Science (@ParsingScience) August 16, 2018
research  parsingscience 
6 hours ago by dougleigh
An extensive collage of #openGLAM case studies and examples of good practice #digitalheritage #openness
OpenGLAM  research 
6 hours ago by pgslr

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