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A tethered niacin-derived pincer complex with a nickel-carbon bond in lactate racemase | Science
A tethered niacin-derived pincer complex with a nickel-carbon bond in lactate racemase
Benoît Desguin1, Tuo Zhang2, Patrice Soumillion3, Pascal Hols3, Jian Hu2,4,*, Robert P. Hausinger1,2,*1Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA.2Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA.3Institute of Life Sciences, Université Catholique de Louvain, B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.4Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA.↵*Corresponding author. E-mail: (JH); (RPH)
Nickel pincers as enzyme cofactors
Organometallic nickel complexes long synthesized in the laboratory exist naturally in enzymes as well. Desguin et al. determined the structure and metal-binding residues of the Ni-containing active site in bacterial lactate racemase (see the Perspective by Zamble). A dithiodinicotinic acid mononucleotide derivative cofactor binds Ni through sulfur and carbon bonds, resembling synthetic nickel pincer complexes. Genes encoding accessory proteins involved in the synthesis of this cofactor are widely distributed in other bacteria, suggesting its involvement in other enzymes.
Science, this issue p. 66; see also p. 35
Lactic  acid  racemization  is  involved  in  lactate  metabolism  and  cell  wall  assembly  of  many  microorganisms.  racemase  (Lar)  requires  nickel_  but  the  nickel-binding  site  and  the  role  of  three  accessory  proteins  required  for  its  activation  remain  enigmatic.  We  combined  mass  spectrometry  and  x-ray  crystallography  to  show  that  Lar  from  Lactobacillus  plantarum  possesses  an  organometallic  nickel-containing  prosthetic  group.  A  nicotinic  acid  mononucleotide  derivative  is  tethered  to  Lys184  and  forms  tridentate  pincer  complex  that  coordinates  nickel  through  one  metal-carbon  and  two  metal-sulfur  bonds_  with  His200  as  another  ligand.  Although  similar  complexes  have  been  previously  synthesized_  there  was  no  prior  evidence  for  the  existence  of  pincer  cofactors  in  enzymes.  wide  distribution  of  the  accessory  proteins  without  Lar  suggests  that  it  may  play  role  in  other  enzymes.  from iphone
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[App of the Week] Get Your Moment of Zen With This Meditation App
Headspace is a helpful, encouraging reminder that sometimes you just need to relax and compose yourself.​​ It is a great onboarding to daily meditation.
**  Headspace  only  requires  10-15  minutes  of  your  day.  Each  course  is  led  by  co-founder  Andy  Puddicombe_  who  talks  you  through  short  session_  allowing  you  to  close  your  eyes  and  focus  on  his  instructions. 
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Get Make A Fabric Basket – Requires No Thread, Only The Strips Of Fabric And Piping … Ideas HD | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Make a fabric basket – requires no thread, only the strips of fabric and piping … Make a fabric basket – requires no thread, only the strips of fabric and piping cord or rope Make a fabric basket – requires no thread, only the strips of fabric and piping …
IFTTT  WordPress  Baskets  basket  fabric  hd  ideas  Piping  Requires  Strips  thread 
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The retail version of Nintendo Switch's Lego City Undercover requires a 13GB download
Lego City Undercover is coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 4, and it now looks like physical copies of the game will need a 13GB download and an active internet connection. With the Switch coming with a paltry 32GB storage, the game will take up nearly a third of the internal storage of the...

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The  retail  version  of  Nintendo  Switch’s  Lego  City  Undercover  requires  a  13GB  download 
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Modern Warfare Remastered requires Infinite Warfare disc
If you’re looking to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, know that you’ll need the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare disc. That’s for the retail Legacy and Legacy Pro versions of the game. If you’re buying the game digitally, this isn’t an issue. As spotted by Charlie Intel, the new Call of Duty minisite promoting Modern Warfare...

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Modern  Warfare  Remastered  requires  Infinite  disc 
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Gears of War requires an 80GB install on your PC
Gears of War 4 is all set to land on October 11, and The Coalition is now kicking off pre-loads. Those installing the game on an Xbox One will have to ensure that they have at least 54.6GB of free space available, and gamers looking to pre-install the game on the PC will need an eye-watering...

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Gears  of  War  requires  an  80GB  install  on  your  PC 
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Giada's F200 fanless mini-PC requires just 5W of power
Giada has announced the F200, a mini-PC that can be mounted at the back of displays and digital signage boards. The mini-PC features a dustproof metal chassis and a TDP of just 4.3W thanks to the low-power Celeron N2870 dual-core CPU. In terms of hardware, you’re looking at 2GB DDR3L RAM, 8 or 16GB internal memory, one mSATA port for connecting...

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Giada’s  F200  fanless  mini-PC  requires  just  5W  of  power 
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12 inch MacBook requires $79 dongle for additional ports
USB Type C is a costly affair. Yesterday Apple unveiled its long rumored Retina MacBook. It was initially believed that this notebook will join the MacBook Air lineup but Apple has decided to launch it simply as the 12 inch MacBook. It doesn’t carry any other identifiers and remains independent of the company’s existing MacBook Air...

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12  inch  MacBook  requires  $79  dongle  for  additional  ports 
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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare requires 6GB RAM and 55GB disk space
If you’re a Call of Duty fan, then it shouldn’t be surprising that the franchise’s recent releases are quite demanding on the hardware. Advance Warfare, due for launch on November 4, will hog even more PC resources than its predecessor. According to Steam’s minimum system requirements, Advanced Warfare will require 55GB of disk space, and...

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Call  of  Duty:  Advanced  Warfare  requires  6GB  RAM  and  55GB  disk  space 
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‘Titanfall’ on PC is a 21 GB download, requires 48 GB installation space
You might want to get a larger SSD before Titanfall launches on March 11. When asked about how big the download size would be for Titanfall, Respawn’s Vince Zampella announced that the game would be a 21 GB download, and would require 48 GB of installation space. While PC games usually require a lot of [...]

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‘Titanfall’  on  PC  is  a  21  GB  download  requires  48  installation  space 
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