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The Moral Bucket List
"But the stumblers occasionally experience moments of joy. There’s joy in freely chosen obedience to organizations, ideas and people. There’s joy in mutual stumbling."
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april 2018 by scottboms
for all allies, especially terrible allies who are trying to be less terrible: 's So Yo…
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february 2018 by cranston
The Antidote to Being Spread Too Thin
I’ve been feeling spread thin lately and this has given me some keys to fixing the problem.
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october 2017 by scottboms
Thrilled to dive into Brian Kernighan's explanation of how things work in our digital world
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october 2017 by peterhoneyman
RT : This thread is . This is the level of thought that *should* be put into policy around harassment an…
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october 2017 by yeri
This story is for everyone; especially those who care about incarceration, it's cost, and it's ext…
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july 2017 by coty
Design in the Era of the Algorithm | Big Medium
"Design in the Era of the Algorithm via " Bloody amazing article, my head is full of thoughts now
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june 2017 by joshclark
Untitled (
on overlap of privately-owned infrastructure, maintenance responsibility & liability when it fails
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april 2017 by mathpunk

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