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Number of priests declined for first time in decade, Vatican says
At the end of 2017, the worldwide Catholic population exceeded 1.3 billion, which continued to be about 17.7 percent of the world's population..the number of Catholics increased in every continent. But while that growth in Africa and the Americas kept pace with their respective region's population growth, Asia showed a 1.5 percent increase in the number of Catholics while the region's population grew less than 1 percent...most of the world's Catholics (48.5 percent) were living in the Americas, followed by Europe with 21.8 percent, Africa with 17.8 percent, 11.1 percent in Asia and 0.8 percent in Oceania...the number of bishops in the world continued its steady increase over the past six years, going from 5,133 in 2012 to 5,389 in 2017.For the first time in since 2010 the total number of priests — diocesan and religious order — around the world decreased, going from 414,969 in 2016 to 414,582 in 2017. Ordinations of diocesan priests continued to decline slowly from 6,577 in 2012 to 5,815 in 2017.The number of women in religious orders showed an ongoing downward trend of about a 1.6 percent decrease each year worldwide since 2013, the yearbook showed. The slight increases in Africa and Asia weren't enough to offset the reductions in Europe, the Americas and Oceania. Catholic women's orders went from having more than 792,000 members in 2001 to just over 648,910 women at the end of 2017.The number of candidates for the priesthood — both diocesan seminarians and members of religious orders — showed a continued slight decline worldwide, decreasing from 116,160 at the end of 2016 to 115,328 at the end of 2017.There were more than 15.6 million baptisms around the world in 2017 and more than 2.3 million Catholic weddings.
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15 days ago by thomas.kochi
What's A Secret Identity? - Chrystie, imabignerd, kate882 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles sipped at a mug of coffee, absently watching the news play in the break room. Because of course a news station couldn't play anything other than its own content, even in the one part of the office that was supposed to be a safe space from work. His interview with Superman was making a rerun and Stiles glanced at Derek before commenting absently, “I’d totally let Superman fuck me.”

Derek, who had been in the middle of a swig of coffee, choked violently, “That’s not something I needed to know at nine in the morning, Stiles.”

Stiles raised an eyebrow. “What time would you prefer I tell you about all of the things I would let Superman do to my body?”
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Starreporter des «Spiegel» als Fälscher entlarvt | watson
Claas Relotius galt als einer der talentiertesten jungen Reporter Deutschlands. Der 33-Jährige räumte massenhaft Preise ab. Nun deckte der «Spiegel» selbst auf, dass viele von Relotius Artikeln teilweise oder ganz erfunden wurden.
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december 2018 by Medienwoche
Memo to Henneberger: The logical thing is to 'hang in there'
I think it was Bernard Shaw who was asked, when he left the church, if he was going to become a Protestant. He answered, "I've lost my faith, not my reason."What I hear you saying is, "I've lost my reason, not my faith."Could this be your personal version of the "dark night of the soul," when nothing human seems to support our faith? The purpose of the dark night is to let us experience our faith as divine by holding on to it when all the human reasons for doing so just don't mean anything anymore. We see the logic in them, but they just don't affect us.When that happens, the only advice anyone can give us is, "Hang in there!" Then we come to understand on a deeper level what faith is.
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december 2018 by thomas.kochi

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