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Rent The Runway Hopes To Become Prime Of Rental |
Children’s apparel is a big and growing market. As of 2018, according to Euromonitor research, the global children’s apparel industry is worth $203 billion — and growing quickly at 5 percent a year. Children’s clothes are in fact the fastest growing apparel category. Some of that growth is organic — literally. Children grow quickly, which means they outgrow clothes quickly: by the age of 2, children have been through an average of seven clothing sizes.

But some of that growth is socially induced — while parents were always fated to spend over $10,000 outfitting their offspring between birth and age 18, affluent modern parents are spending not just to keep their children in clothes, but also on trend. Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Supreme — the list of designer lines with kid labels has gone from zero to 60 over the last three or four years. And the Euromonitor numbers reflect that growth — as of 2018 designer children’s wear was a $6 billion industry.

Which is why Rent the Runway is pushing into the kids clothes market, with subscriptions built to offer label-conscious parents a slightly more affordable mechanism to keep their kids on trend.
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College Kids Are Living Like Kings in Vancouver’s Empty Mansions - Bloomberg
Globe-trotting landlords can avoid vacancy taxes by renting. It’s the latest twist for a housing market down 8.5% from its peak.
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IKEA to test furniture rental in 30 countries - Reuters
The world’s biggest furniture group, known for its low-cost disposable items, first said it was looking into leasing its desks, beds and sofas in February. It fleshed out its plans on Wednesday at an event held at its first ‘sustainable’ store in Kaarst, western Germany, opened in 2017.

The rental pilot was driven by a recognition that many consumers change homes more frequently but can’t afford new furniture every time they move, Jesper Brodin, chief executive of Ingka Group, which owns most IKEA stores, told Reuters.
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Affordable housing in Vancouver can only happen under new rental program, Stewart says - The Globe and Mail
The moderate-income-rental initiative was announced almost two years ago as a pilot program that would allow 20 projects to go forward. Successful bidders had to show that they could provide one-fifth of the units at below-market rates − to moderate-income households earning $30,000 to $80,000 a year.

The city has set the rates at $950 for a studio, $1,200 for a one bedroom, $1,600 for a two, and $2,000 for a three. That’s significantly lower than the rates mandated in the city’s 10-year-old Rental 100 program, where builders are allowed to charge up to $3,700 for a three-bedroom unit. That program has generated a lot of controversy because of the city’s assertion that it is providing “affordable” units.

As well, under the new experimental program, the rents on the affordable units are locked in permanently. They can’t be increased by more than the rate of inflation when tenants turn over, which is not the case with any other type of apartment in the province.
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