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Renault Zoe used in V2G trials - Zap-Map
Renault has started a large-scale vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging pilot, the first of its kind in the world, with schemes beginning in Portugal and the Netherlands.
V2G  electricity  EV  cars  Renault  Zoe 
8 hours ago by fbotha
Renault ZOE Sales Doubled In January 2019
Thanks to a surge of ZOE sales in its best January ever, Renault begins the year 2019 with 4,417 EV sales, which is 76% more than a year ago.
Renault  Zoe  EV  cars  sales 
4 days ago by fbotha
Renault Clio 2 - Replacing Fuel Flap - Renault Forums :: Independent Renault forum
Hello zouga, you need to remove the RHS interior trim in the boot, then its just 2 nuts that hold the filler flap on ... 1/2 hour max ... Tip ... paint it first ...

hope it helps
repair  Renault  Clio 
26 days ago by dominomaster
Battery replacement uk | Page 2 | Speak EV - Electric Car Forums
Renault zoe firmware image needed for better range indicator
Renault  Zoe  firmware  range  battery 
5 weeks ago by fbotha
New Renault ZOE To Get 250 Miles Of Electric Range
Renault ZOE to follow the Nissan LEAF upgrade path.
According to L’Argus, Renault will introduce in the second half of this year its second-generation ZOE, based on the new Renault Clio V.

The changes will concern the exterior (but mainly in front, inspired by the Zoe e-Sport concept), interior (instrument cluster, infotainment) and core components (motor, battery, charging).
Renault  Zoe  EV  cars 
5 weeks ago by fbotha
Hot Renault Zoe e-sport gets 460bhp | Autocar
The Renault Zoe e-sport concept, a sporty two-seat version of the car maker's electric Zoe, has been unveiled at the Geneva motor show, with the concept drawing on technology developed from the firm’s involvement in the Formula E racing series.
Renault  Zoe  concept 
5 weeks ago by fbotha

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