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Dude, Where's Your Bride?
“[T]hink about whether your church has been unnecessarily emasculated. Do you challenge and exhort? Do you sing songs to Jesus that men can sing with a straight face? Does “fellowship” at your church always focus on activities men don’t typically excel at, like sitting around and talking about how you feel?”
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yesterday by mario.d
Imam recites call to prayer at Blackburn Cathedral
An imam has sparked controversy by reciting the Muslim call to prayer in a Church of England cathedral without permission.
A video recording of the man wearing a white robe was filmed on Saturday last week at Blackburn Cathedral and posted on the internet. It was performed for an audience of about 400 people as part of a concert to commemorate the armistice.
Peter Howell-Jones, the dean of Blackburn Cathedral, told The Sunday Times: “I don’t think this should have happened here. If people are going to call for my resignation there’s nothing more I can say or do to people to pacify them because actually I agree with their arguments.”
The call to prayer was performed as part of a performance of Karl Jenkins’ The Armed Man (A Mass For Peace) in the nave of the cathedral.
The second movement, which is sometimes omitted, is a traditional Muslim adhan recited in Arabic. The call to prayer is preceded by the declarations: “Allah is the greatest; I bear witness that there is no other God but Allah; I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”
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yesterday by seatrout
'We feel weak': Rocked by Asia Bibi blasphemy protests, Pakistan's tiny Christian community is on high alert
hen furious protestors gathered around Pakistan late last month in the wake of Asia Bibi's acquittal for blasphemy, a senior police officer visited the Islamabad slum of France Colony.
It might be best, the policeman advised, if the mainly Christian residents closed their shops, went home and laid low in case there was trouble.
As the decision sparked off nationwide protests that brought the country to a halt for three days, the slum's new church was closed and services cancelled, while the congregation warily watched the demonstrations unfold.
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yesterday by seatrout
An apocalyptic cult, 900 dead: remembering the Jonestown massacre, 40 years on | World news | The Guardian
Four decades ago this Sunday, the Rev Jim Jones, the charismatic leader of an American cult in the Guyanese jungle, ordered his followers to murder a US congressman and several journalists, then commit mass suicide by drinking cyanide-laced fruit punch.
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2 days ago by jeffhammond

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