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Chemical leak at Boston hotel prompts hazmat response – Boston News, Weather, Sports
BOSTON (WHDH) - A hazardous materials team was called to a hotel in East Boston on Friday morning due to a chemical leak, officials said.

Crews responding to Embassy Suites at 207 Porter St. for a Level 2 hazmat incident found Hydrogen Peroxide leaking on a penthouse roof, according to the Boston Fire Department.

The ninth and tenth floors of the hotel were evacuated while officials assessed the situation.

The incident has since been contained and guests have been allowed back into their rooms.
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Chemical Spill From Calumet Refinery on South Side Reaches San Antonio River
Cleanup from a South Side refinery’s chemical spill into the San Antonio River is complete after authorities managed to contain and soak up the chemical, according to people involved in the spill response efforts.

On Thursday morning, approximately 50 gallons of naphtha reached the San Antonio River after leaking from a valve at the Calumet Specialty Products refinery at 7811 S. Presa St., according to a notice from the City’s Office of Emergency Management shared on Twitter by City Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran (D3).

The spill left a chemical sheen on the water’s surface and smelled like “really strong gasoline," said Amanda Nasto, an environmental investigations specialist with the San Antonio River Authority who was involved in the cleanup.
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Eight mids medically evaluated after chemical odor at Naval Academy
Eight midshipman were medically evaluated Thursday morning after they reported a chemical odor coming from a classroom in Michelson Hall, Naval Academy officials said.

The midshipman smelled the odor inside the building that houses the academy's chemistry department. Around 9:15 a.m. firefighters responded to the scene. The odor is believed to be leftover from a previous day’s chemical experiment, an academy spokeswoman said.

Michelson Hall and adjacent Chauvenet Hall were evacuated as a precaution. Those halls — except for the classroom with the odor — were re-opened about 11 a.m.

The midshipmen were being evaluated as a precaution.

Firefighters from multiple areas descended on downtown Annapolis Thursday morning after reports of the chemical odor. Several marked vehicles with sirens flashing drove down King George Street.
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Chemical Leak At Alexandria NOVA Campus Prompts Hazmat Response
ALEXANDRIA, VA—Multiple fire departments responded to a hazardous material situation at NOVA Community College's Alexandria campus Wednesday. Two people were evaluated for precautionary reasons, the Arlington Fire Department reported.

IAFF Local 2141, the firefighters union in Alexandria, tweeted at 3:12 p.m. that units were responding to the campus at 5000 Dawes Avenue for a chemical leak in a classroom. The Arlington County Fire Department's hazardous materials units assisted Alexandria units with containment and removal.

NOVA Community College tweeted that the campus was closed due to the incident. All on-campus and evening classes and activities are cancelled.
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Wrong chemicals mixed in Corry Sewage Plant; plant and road close temporarily
An accidental mixing of chemicals led to a brief hazmat scare in Corry. 

It happened in the 100 block of Sciota Street at the Corry Sewer Plant.  The initial report came in of the wrong chemicals being pumped into a holding tank on the property.  That led to a brief closing of the road and property. 

The street was reopened a short time later and the clean-up of the tank continued into the afternoon.  
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Authorities: Disgruntled former employee confesses to causing Murfreesboro oil spill
MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) - A disgruntled former employee of an oil refinery in Murfreesboro has confessed to intentionally discharging tens of thousands of gallons of oil.   

A good portion leaked into nearby Lytle Creek.   

The good news is, the creek was virtually dry, but there are still concerns if the Stones River could be affected.   

This apparently happened around 2:00 Tuesday morning, and about an hour after the spill, police received a call from the former disgruntled employee, pretending to be an anonymous caller.   
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Student and staff at University of Canterbury hospitalised as precaution after gas leak
A student and staff members have been taken to hospital as a precaution after a gas leak at the University of Canterbury this evening.

Emergency services were called to the university's biology department about 6.30pm after reports of a large chemical spill.

A university spokesperson said the incident occurred in a laboratory in the School of Biological Sciences building at the Ilam campus.

"The Biological Sciences building was evacuated," the spokesperson said.

"The student and staff members were assessed at Christchurch Hospital as a precautionary measure and are expected to return home this evening.

"Fire and Emergency services assessed the building as safe and have reopened it for use."

Earlier, a St John spokesman said two staff members were taken to Christchurch Hospital in a moderate condition.

Fire and Emergency said they initially sent three engines, but later upgraded their response.

They isolated the area and Hazmat was attempting to identify the chemical.
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Several children, adults transported after exposure to paint thinner at Decker Elementary
AUSTIN, Texas — Authorities say at least 19 students and staff reported feeling sick from apparent chemical-related fumes during maintenance at a Central Texas school.
The Austin Fire Department initially blamed paint thinner fumes for Monday morning's incident at Decker Elementary School in Austin. Officials with the Manor Independent School District later said the fumes were from floor sealant.
No serious injuries were reported and all students hospitalized have been released.
Emergency medical personnel say 15 children and four adults were transported to several Austin hospitals, as a precaution, for treatment of minor medical complaints.
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Fire Rescue NSW Hunter Report
On Monday the Hazmat crew contained, cleaned up and neutralised a spill of sodium hydroxide at Beresfield. A vehicle crashed into a container at a transport facility, releasing more than 600 litres of the chemical.

Fire crews had to wear fully-encapsulated suits and breathing apparatus to stop exposure to the dangerous substance during the clean-up. They used a specialised air-operated pump to decant the liquid into Hazmat recovery bins.

“Once we had cleaned up the majority of the spill, we then had to neutralise the area using citric acid”, Station Officer McIvor said. “Using pH strips, we confirmed that the site was safe to release back to the owners.”
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Chemical Leak in Southeast Chinese Port Incurs Local Rage
Nearly seven tons of toxic chemicals were spilled a port in southern China’s Fujian Province on Nov. 4. Due to censorship of the news by communist authorities and neglect of the spill, local fishermen have sustained considerable financial losses and health problems due to the pollution.

News published by Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-controlled outlets, however, painted a quite different picture from villagers’ accounts as described in interviews with the Chinese-language Epoch Times.

Official news media initially claimed that an undetermined amount of petroleum products had been leaked in the early morning of Nov. 4 due to a damaged hose between the dock and a tanker in the port district of Quangang, located in the municipality of Quanzhou in Fujian Province.
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Up to 40 kids exposed to unknown substance on school bus
Overheated brakes on a school bus are being blamed for noxious fumes that sent 15 elementary school children to hospital for assessment Thursday morning. “Overheated brakes … are the probable cause of the nausea and respiratory problems suffered by the 15 children from Lamoureux school,” the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est said in a tweet. Paramedics reported that up to 40 children were aboard the bus as it arrived at the school on Kaladar Avenue in the Heron Park neighbourhood on Thursday morning. A total of 15 children aged six to 12 were taken to hospital with symptoms including a cough, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting.
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Sulphur dioxide leak forces evacuation at northwest OKC building
According to the Oklahoma City Fire Department, a Sulfur Dioxide alarm went off at about 5 p.m. at Baker Hughes company near North Santa Fe and Northwest 122nd Street.

The building was evacuated as a precautionary measure, Officials said.

An “all clear” was given just after 7:30 p.m. and people were allowed to go back inside.
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