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UPDATE: My boyfriend [22/M] wants me [22/F] to stop participating in my favorite sports : relationships
Not the first time we've seen someone find out their boyfriend preferred them inactive and/or vulnerable.
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40 minutes ago by cmananian
We all want good sex. It’s time for men to do their part.
> “Whatever you’re comfortable with.” Over the course of three hours, that line became his mantra, but then he’d promptly forget what I told him I was comfortable with. […] It was not sexy being the one in the driver’s seat for three hours. I’m always in the driver’s seat. I want to salsa with a partner, not be their puppeteer.

> Like a partnered dance, you have to be in tune to the other person’s moves without needing verbal guidance every step of the way.
13 hours ago by eggdropsoap
The Good Men Project - The Conversation No One Else Is Having
A website that examines what it means to be a good man in today's society.
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yesterday by planb
Things Healthy Couples Don’t Fight About – Fit Yourself Club
(a.) Because each person is calm and clear on what they need and do the majority of the emotional work upfront, they are fair in what they ask of their partner, and straightforward in how they do so. They don’t ask unreasonable things, they don’t obscure their need by asking for something else. (They don’t push for “date night” when what they really want is “attention.” They don’t push for “labels” when what they really need is “certainty.”)...
Here’s a bunch of shit that’s too small to squabble over:
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yesterday by juliusbeezer
Donald Trump, the Playboy Model Karen McDougal, and a System for Concealing Infidelity | The New Yorker
One woman’s account of clandestine meetings, financial transactions, and legal pacts designed to hide an extramarital affair.
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yesterday by inspiral
Instead of Power | Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
"In The Force Awakens between Rey and Finn, and now much more in The Last Jedi, we see relationships where friends hold each other accountable, where people share their pain and confront their moral failings together."
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2 days ago by jbushnell

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