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A Parisian Romance (film) - Wikipedia
The heroine struggles to reconcile her artist fiance with a wealthy womanizer and art patron. Her earnestness changes the womanizer; their relationship is nuanced and makes the film more subtle
film  1932  paris  romance  baron  artist  triangle  tragedy  relationship  earnestness  culture 
2 days ago by csrollyson
"I'm On My Second Marriage, and My Happiness No Longer Depends on Anyone But Myself."
News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel.
relationship  marriage  toread 
8 days ago by andreok
JESSIE CREEL: The Producer/Financier Relationship From Both Perspectives | Dear Producer
Enlightening: Jessie Creel is a #film #producer turned #investor: She talks about her approach to financing #indie films + #relationships w #filmmakers
filmmaker  producer  executive  investor  19eyz  bullsi  psychology  trust  relationship  interview 
9 days ago by csrollyson
Opinion: We have a common responsibility to fight anti-refugee rhetoric - UNHCR Canada
Powerful story of healing. #Canada host of #Vietnamese #refugee now sponsoring #Syrian refugee. Rare story of empathy for fear-driven suspicion of refugees
19eyz  bullsi  refugee  canada  pointofview  exceptional  story  vietnam  syria  empathy  politics  fear  security  job  host  relationship  economy  community 
9 days ago by csrollyson
Žárlí na moji výplatu. Chtěl mě potrestat, nic neřekl a třikrát nezaplatil nájem |
Nájemní bydlení je vcelku pohodlný způsob na začátku vztahu nebo pro ty, kteří se nechtějí nadobro usadit na jednom místě. Stačí, aby se sešel…
11 days ago by andreok
In Lebanon, Syrian Refugees Met With Harassment And Hostility : Parallels : NPR
#Syrian #refugees' tenuous status in #Lebanon: they face physical/death threats from population + harassment from the army. Lebanon has no refugee program, so uncertainty reigns
syria  refugee  lebanon  hostility  story  family  death  threat  army  19eyz  relationship  uncertainty  comparison  bullsi 
13 days ago by csrollyson
Refugee Women Cook Up Syrian Cuisine To Eke Out A Living In Turkey : The Salt : NPR
Example of how #turkey and #syria #refugees can work together to make the best of a difficult situation + #food's power to heal #relationship
syria  refugee  turkey  business  loan  kitchen  food  story  host  community  relationship  family  bullsi  19eyz 
13 days ago by csrollyson
八阕 ・ 广角新闻 ・ 生 活:【“退休了没钱没关系,去亚洲买个老婆伺候我”】
relationship  our-time  writing-material 
13 days ago by mathinker

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