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Regular Expression Library
Welcome to, the Internet's first Regular Expression Library. Currently we have indexed 22791 expressions from 2874 contributors around the world. We hope you'll find this site useful and come back whenever you need help ( writing an expression, you're looking for an expression ( for a particular task, or are ready to contribute new expressions ( you’ve just figured out. Thanks!
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Regex Tutorial - Non-Printable Characters
Non-Printable Characters
You can use special character sequences to put non-printable characters in your regular expression. Use \t to match a tab character (ASCII 0x09), \r for carriage return (0x0D) and \n for line feed (0x0A). More exotic non-printables are \a (bell, 0x07), \e (escape, 0x1B), and \f (form feed, 0x0C). Remember that Windows text files use \r\n to terminate lines, while UNIX text files use \n.

In some flavors, \v matches the vertical tab (ASCII 0x0B). In other flavors, \v is a shorthand that matches any vertical whitespace character. That includes the vertical tab, form feed, and all line break characters. Perl 5.10, PCRE 7.2, PHP 5.2.4, R, Delphi XE, and later versions treat it as a shorthand. Earlier versions treated it as a needlessly escaped literal v. The JGsoft flavor originally matched only the vertical tab with \v. JGsoft V2 matches any vertical whitespace with \v.


\t = tab
\r = newline
\n = line feed (what is the difference between this and \r ?)

Remember that Windows text files use \r\n to terminate lines, while UNIX text files use \n.
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JavaScript regular expressions made easy
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Search across a half million git repos
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i Hate Regex - The Regex Cheat Sheet
i Hate Regex is a regex cheat sheet that also explains the commonly used expressions so that you understand it. Stop hating and start learning.
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