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The Proposal to Lower P Value Thresholds to .005 | Research, Methods, Statistics | JAMA | JAMA Network
P values are misinterpreted, overtrusted, and misused. The language of the ASA statement enables the dissection of these 3 problems. Multiple misinterpretations of P values exist, but the most common one is that they represent the “probability that the studied hypothesis is true.”3 A P value of .02 (2%) is wrongly considered to mean that the null hypothesis (eg, the drug is as effective as placebo) is 2% likely to be true and the alternative (eg, the drug is more effective than placebo) is 98% likely to be correct. Overtrust ensues when it is forgotten that “proper inference requires full reporting and transparency.”3 Better-looking (smaller) P values alone do not guarantee full reporting and transparency. In fact, smaller P values may hint to selective reporting and nontransparency.
mathematics  analytics  reference  research 
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Animating Under the Camera compiled by Heather Kenyon
May 1998, by Heather Kenyon,

"We asked leading artists who work with two of the most popular and striking under the camera animating techniques, sand, and other loose materials, and paint on glass, to reveal different tips and tricks that they have learned through trial and error. We hope that they will encourage you to experiment in these areas as well as other under the camera animation techniques. All of these artists attest that what makes these techniques so difficult is what makes them so appealing -- that fleeting sense of spontaneity of creating an image, only to replace it with the next, destroying while creating.

On the subject of sand, we hear from Caroline Leaf, Maria Procházková, Eli Noyes and Gerald Conn, and for paint on glass, we hear from Alexander Petrov, Wendy Tilby, Eleanor "Ellen" Ramos and Lyudmila Koshkina."
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7 hours ago by eric.brechemier
Pando: A brief history of American gun nuts
the money quote:
Second Amendment cultists truly believe that guns are political power. That guns in fact are the only source of political power. That’s why, despite loving guns, and despite being so right-wing, they betray such a paranoid fear and hatred of armed agents of the government (minus Border Guards, they all tend to love our Border Guards). If you think guns, rather than concentrated wealth, equals political power, then you’d resent government power far more than you’d resent billionaires’ power or corporations’ hyper-concentrated wealth/power, because government will always have more and bigger guns. In fact you’d see pro-gun, anti-government billionaires like the Kochs as your natural political allies in your gun-centric notion of political struggle against the concentrated gun power of government.

How very convenient that works out to be.
weapons  politics  argument  history  reference 
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The Cambridge Analytica Con | Yasha Levine
But this story is being covered and framed in a misleading way. So far, much of the mainstream coverage, driven by the Times and Guardian reports, looks at Cambridge Analytica in isolation—almost entirely outside of any historical or political context. This makes it seem to readers unfamiliar with the long history of the struggle for control of the digital sphere as if the main problem is that the bad actors at Cambridge Analytica crossed the transmission wires of Facebook in the Promethean manner of Victor Frankenstein—taking what were normally respectable, scientific data protocols and perverting them to serve the diabolical aim of reanimating the decomposing lump of political flesh known as Donald Trump.
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Scalable loops – Phronetic
I’ve attempted to leverage this undeniable preference for the cyclical. Instead of devoting myself to the attainment of specific and singular outcomes, I try to find my preferred processes. I have tasks that I complete every week and every month. I’ve developed rituals and workflows that I rely upon, day after day after day.
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The Best Alternative For Every Facebook Feature | WIRED
Fortunately, you can pretty easily cobble together anything you might miss from Facebook with a combination of apps and services. It won't be the exact same, but at least you'll be less tempted to go back.
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22 hours ago by euler
permissions - How do I check if a directory is writeable in PHP? - Stack Overflow
tags: stackoverflow howto check directory file is writeable writable php example guide reference
stackoverflow  howto  check  directory  file  is  writeable  writable  php  example  guide  reference 
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