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Exploring Clang Tooling Part 3: Rewriting Code with clang-tidy | Visual C++ Team Blog
In the previous post in this series, we used clang-query to examine the Abstract Syntax Tree of a simple source code file. Using clang-query, we can prototype an AST Matcher which we can use in a clang-tidy check to refactor code in bulk.
VisualC++  2018  clang-tidy  Intro  Tutorial  StephenKelly  blog  refactoring 
12 days ago by dlb
[1805.03374] A Proposal for Loop-Transformation Pragmas
Pragmas for loop transformations, such as unrolling, are implemented in most mainstream compilers. They are used by application programmers because of their ease of use compared to directly modifying the source code of the relevant loops. We propose additional pragmas for common loop transformations that go far beyond the transformations today's compilers provide and should make most source rewriting for the sake of loop optimization unnecessary. To encourage compilers to implement these pragmas, and to avoid a diversity of incompatible syntaxes, we would like to spark a discussion about an inclusion to the OpenMP standard.
computer-science  compilers  rewriting-systems  refactoring  rather-interesting  to-understand  computational-complexity  optimization 
15 days ago by Vaguery
Wix Engineering Blog
Wix engineering blog tells the story of our daily challenges and our way of solving them. Read about architecture, scaling, mobile and web development, management and more, written by our very own Wix engineers.
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19 days ago by aghecht
Old Code · Michal Hořejšek
Old code which doesn’t look good can reveal more light on the management of time it was written than the incompetence of computer programmers. Bad code doesn’t mean necessarily computer programmers did a mistake, but with higher probability there was a problem in communication in the whole team …
code  review  refactoring  advocacy  productivity  positive  approach  fear 
19 days ago by gilberto5757
How to Get to The Best Readability Without More Abstraction
"TL;DR: From this experiment, I’ve learned that we shouldn’t be too hasty adding new abstraction level when refactoring. Maybe there is a way to improve readability within the bounds of the current abstraction."
programming  refactoring 
19 days ago by ddribin

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