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SamyPesse/redux: Predictable state container for JavaScript apps
redux - Predictable state container for JavaScript apps
js  redux  flux  react 
yesterday by jklapinski
piotrwitek/react-redux-typescript-guide: A comprehensive guide to static typing in "React & Redux" apps using TypeScript
"This guide is about to teach you how to leverage Type Inference, Generics and other Advanced Types as much as possible to write the minimal amount of type annotations needed for your JavaScript code to be completely Type Safe" - this will make sure you get all the benefits of Static Typing and your productivity won't be slowed down by adding excess type annotations.
javascript  redux  typescript  react  webdev 
2 days ago by jayfree
Hyperapp for Redux refugees – Hyperapp – Medium
How I learned to stop worrying and love the function
web  javascript  react  redux 
4 days ago by anilg

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