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Looking for jazz synth? kind of music : futuresynth
I don't know much about synth wave music and been hearing variety of songs. I came across the song, (Paradise Warfare by Carpenter Brut). Loved the jazz between the 80's wave+synth. Can anyone recommend me songs just like this? via /r/futuresynth
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3 days ago by cijanzen
We need to recognize what /u/Chichi230 has done to help D.Va : HanaSong
Just look at some of his/her posts:D.Va damage taken: Live vs. PTR, Part 2; Why armor is important (and more) damage taken: Live vs. PTR is not overpowered, and here's why, when you guys finally give D.Va a new legendary, can she still have long hair? of D.Va's bugs from PTR were fixed or acknowledged the most recent one:D.Va: The Tale of the Girl who Lost Her Purpose gets hard D.Va facts on the frontpage of /r/Overwatch and /r/CompetitiveOverwatch I just wanted to cry when I saw his/her dedication. As a dedicated D.Va community we owe /u/Chichi230 a big thank you and much <3.D.Va will rise again!! via /r/HanaSong
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3 days ago by cijanzen
Beautiful automatic driveway gate. : woahdude
Beautiful automatic driveway gate. via /r/woahdude
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3 days ago by seedkeeper
If programs on my computer would ask me to update them when i closed the program instead of when i open them, a lot more programs would get updated. via /r/Showerthoughts
Seriously, when i open a program it's because I want to use it, so asking me if i'm ok with not being able to use a program for a while as soon as I open it to use it is a bad idea. idk who came up with that one
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4 days ago by trieloff
A primer on Gen 2 Pokemon, with images! : pokemongo
A primer on Gen 2 Pokemon, with images! via /r/pokemongo
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4 days ago by jdoecrow

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