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Ermahgerd, the beach!! : gifs
Ermahgerd, the beach!! via /r/gifs
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13 hours ago by jdoecrow
KOTH callouts for better communication in ranked! [x-post from /r/Competitiveoverwatch] : OverwatchUniversity
Here's some callouts for KOTH maps that I made for those who feel like it might be hard to remember or call the name for some of the most common spots in their ranked games. They're not intended to be artistic by any means haha.In some areas, it's fully functional (and in many cases quicker to remember) to use the callout for the health pack instead of a specific name, "mini" and "mega".Hope you like them! [ILIOS] [LIJIANG] [NEPAL] [OASIS] via /r/OverwatchUniversity
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13 hours ago by cijanzen
Red Pill Republican
Rape culture meets state legislature
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15 hours ago by nelson
puyo puyo tetris online status tells you what part of the game your friend is playing : NintendoSwitch
Upvoted: my hard copy of puyo tetris arrived a few hours ago (a day early!) and I really enjoy this game so far. i noticed if I check my online status, it will tell what part of the game I'm in. It will say story 1-5 or single arcade, or online play.. you get the idea.I know the online features of switch arent fully developed yet and at the end of the day this is a very minor detail... but pretty neat nonetheless imo via /r/NintendoSwitch
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17 hours ago by lepht

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