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Introducing a new idea: the CADU button layout : NintendoSwitch
Upvoted: Playing games on the Switch with friends is fun, but sometimes confusing, especially when they ask about controls. Perhaps you've had this conversation, or one like it:"Hey, what button do I press to jump?""Uhhh, the A button.""Wait, the letters are sideways...hmmm...nope, did nothing.""I mean press the right button.""That just makes my character walk to the right....""GODDAMNIT STEVE!"It seems like Nintendo themselves resort to using diagrams of which button to push, this is unwieldy, and could be solved by adopting the CADU* layout. Instead of an A, B, X, and Y button we'd have C, A, D and U. Why those four? Because if we use a stylized font, we can make it so the buttons become each other after rotating them. I've made a mockup where it's easier to see: you're viewing it on mobile, you can easily rotate your screen and see how no matter how you rotate it, the button on the right remains a D, the button on top an A, etc. Now, there is an unneeded bar in the C and U, but I bet a clever graphic designer could make them look a bit smoother and either make it look stylized, or less obvious.Now, you'll note that I've only shown off the right Joy-Con so far. That's because the left Joy-Con's face buttons are usually intended to be arrows during normal play. We could get away with the C/A/D/U buttons as looking sufficiently arrow-like, but a small addition really drives them home as arrow buttons, while not hiding the letters for single Joy-Con play: don't know that Nintendo will actually implement this, but I think it would be a neat solution to the problem and make communicating which button to press easier. Also, If anyone wants to make a mock-up, that would be completely awesome and I'd love to see it.*As alternative names for the layout, I did like CUDA, but found out that there's an NVIDIA product by that name. Among the sillier possibilities for names are DUACamole and U-CAD. via /r/NintendoSwitch
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Does anyone else have a very low stress threshold? Did you find ways to cope? : simpleliving
I get stressed very easily. Have made huge life decisions, changes and sacrifices to limit my stress. Moved to the countryside, quit "good" job, limit and cut off communication with certain people. Have been to therapy, meditate, and do mental exercises for anxiety and ptsd.It's under control, I just hate my current job that I'd otherwise like and most people would probably call low stress, because of the stress people put on me. I've never worked a job I liked just because a seemingly small thing to most people will stress me out.I really want to just live in a hut with my dogs and be left alone.Anyway thought you guys might understand/advise me. via /r/simpleliving
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