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Galaxie 500 ~ Blue Thunder / Victory Garden / Ceremony / Cold Night (Rough Trade, 1990)
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yesterday by grange85
Silent Meditation on vinyl
"Note: this does not require a record player to be fully enjoyed. Technically, it doesn’t even require this record."
record  meditation 
2 days ago by jntolva
Common DNS records and their uses - DNSimple Blog
We've looked at resource records in general. Today let's investigate the various types of DNS records.
dns  record 
8 days ago by ianweatherhogg

Our Mission
Here at Looxcie, our goal is to give our readers ACTIONABLE information for starting a YouTube channel, making it popular and into something more than a hobby.

Our Articles
Other than articles on starting on YouTube and growing your channel, we also review equipment you need like cameras, microphones and tripods. We also cover making money from your videos and ideas for new videos.

surveillance sousveillance

Wired, Clive Thompson, July, 2011
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9 days ago by Cloudwalker
from 2011 Wired mention by Clive Thompson
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9 days ago by Cloudwalker
The Best Screen Recording Software in 2019
Screen recording software lets you capture your screen to share with others, in support tickets, product videos, onboarding training, and more.
screencast  record  screen  video  software  list  compare  comparison  review  capture  share 
10 days ago by ebouchut
tags: CHEAP AND SIMPLE YOUTUBE STUDIO SETUP - YouTube video || howTo record video for ;;;
CHEAP  AND  SIMPLE  YOUTUBE  STUDIO  SETUP  -  video  ||  howTo  record  for 
12 days ago by neerajsinghvns

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