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Instead of searching for books that tell me about success, which shows up the same hit list, I went onto Amazon and find books that tell me why I'm/we're wrong because I think they're likely to be underrated and unpopular.
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5 hours ago by buirachel
The Dangers of Overpersonalization (Nielsen/Norman Group)
Kim Flaherty и Kate Moran из Nielsen/Norman Group разбирают проблемы рекомендательных систем, которые загоняют пользователя в «пузырь» одинакового контента.
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yesterday by jvetrau
Microsoft/Recommenders: Recommender Systems
Recommender Systems. Contribute to Microsoft/Recommenders development by creating an account on GitHub.
recommendations  algorithms  machine-learning 
yesterday by kwbr
Microsoft Recommenders examples
This repository provides examples and best practices for building recommendation systems, provided as Jupyter notebooks.
python  jupyter  machinelearning  recommendations 
4 days ago by jazwiecki
‎Growth by Jrd. on Apple Music
@mattcassinelli recommended this, and it’s pretty nice!
“I’m shamelessly putting lo-fi beats behind my YouTube videos, and this album feels like being enveloped in a downtempo mood.

“Perfect for this dang rain”
music  recommendations  mattcassinelli  2019  chill  chillout  chillhop  applemusic 
5 days ago by handcoding
Nicole Cliffe on Twitter: "this candle everyone said smells like it should cost six times as much money is actually freaking awesome, you were right…"
“this candle everyone said smells like it should cost six times as much money is actually freaking awesome, you were right”

(She’s referring to the Thymes Frasier Fir, which runs about $20–$50:

Paul F. Tompkins also replied to add, “The only scented candle that truly smells like what it says it does”
candles  recommendations  fir  pine  2019  Nicole_Cliffe  twitter 
7 days ago by handcoding
WHO Housing and health guidelines
The WHO Housing and health guidelines bring together the most recent evidence to provide practical recommendations to reduce the health burden due to unsafe and substandard housing. Based on newly commissioned systematic reviews, the guidelines provide recommendations relevant to inadequate living space (crowding), low and high indoor temperatures, injury hazards in the home, and accessibility of housing for people with functional impairments. In addition, the guidelines identify and summarize existing WHO guidelines and recommendations related to housing, with respect to water quality, air quality, neighbourhood noise, asbestos, lead, tobacco smoke and radon. The guidelines take a comprehensive, intersectoral perspective on the issue of housing and health and highlight co-benefits of interventions addressing several risk factors at the same time.
Housing  HousingConditions  WHO  evidence  recommendations  Nov2018 
7 days ago by publichealth
Best Sony lenses 2019: 11 top lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras | TechRadar
If you've got a Sony mirrorless camera, these are the lenses you need to know about.
photography  sony  lenses  recommendations 
8 days ago by kger

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