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How to fix a computer that won't restart?
"Reboot your system, then try to restart your system to see if it works or not. If this is not working for you, repeat the same steps and try one of these lines instead:"
linux  bios  reboot 
21 days ago by grahams
5 Main Reasons & Solutions when Computer Keeps Rebooting
It must be quite annoying if your computer keeps rebooting automatically. You will be unable to do anything with your computer in this case. Therefore, it is imperative to fix this issue as soon as possible. This article will give you a quick guide.
Automatic  Reboot  Computer  Keeps  Rebooting  Hardware  Failures  Power  Faults  Program  Problems  PST  corruption  System  Issues  Virus  Attack 
5 weeks ago by DataNumen
debian - SSH sessions hang on shutdown/reboot - Server Fault
So in order to have systemd behave in a non-stupid non-asshole way, I have to install dbus.
That's just fucking brilliant.
systemd  ssh  openssh  shutdown  reboot  linux  libpam  dbus 
5 weeks ago by po
ansible | realguess
Just a blog about every detail encountered.
ansible  devops  update  server  reboot  howto 
february 2018 by mrbarker
Restart a remote Mac that is running Filevault 2 | Macminicolo Blog - Tips, tutorials and reviews on running a Mac mini server
When you need to restart a remote Mac that is running Filevault 2, you will open terminal and type "sudo fdesetup authrestart". After doing this, you'll be prompted for your password. Once entered, the machine will restart and bring you back to the OS login.
osx  reboot  restart  filevault2  terminal  authrestart  password  encryption  sysadmin 
february 2018 by eriwst
What to Do If iCloud “Back Up Now” Option Is Greyed out in iPhone?
When you intend to back up your iPhone data by iCloud but find the “Back Up Now” option is greyed out, what can you do? This article will focus on this issue and show you some effective solutions.
Airplane  Mode  Back  Up  Now  Hard  Reboot  iPhone  iCloud  Backup  pst  recovery  Reset  All  Settings  Networking  storage  Update  iOS 
february 2018 by DataNumen
Router Rebooter Eliminates Hassles | Hackaday
Some low-end or older routers might get you a decent WiFi network in your house or apartment, but often these cheaply made devices are plagued with subtle software problems that cause the router itself to become unresponsive after a few days of operating. One solution is to just power cycle the router by hand whenever the Internet disappears, but a better solution is to build something that does that for you.
hackaday  router  reboot  sysadmin  esp8266  arduino  wireless  homeautomation  networking 
february 2018 by cyberchucktx
Singapore experiments with smart government
January 22, 2018 | FT | by John Thornhill.

Singapore has a reputation as a free-trading entrepôt, beloved of buccaneering Brexiters. ....But stiff new challenges confront Singapore, just as they do all other countries, in the face of the latest technological upheavals. Is the smart nation, as it likes to style itself, smart enough to engineer another reboot?.....Singapore is becoming a prime test bed for how developed nations can best manage the potentially disruptive forces unleashed by powerful new technologies, such as advanced robotics and artificial intelligence...Naturally, Singapore’s technocratic government is well aware of those challenges and is already rethinking policy and practice. True to its heritage, it is pursuing a hybrid approach, mixing free market principles and state activism.

Rather than passively reacting to the technological challenges, the island state is actively embracing them....“The real skill of Singapore has been to reverse engineer the needs of industry and to supply them in a much more cost-effective way than simply writing a cheque,” says Rob Bier, managing partner of Trellis Asia, which advises high-growth start-ups...To take one example, the country has become an enthusiastic promoter of autonomous vehicles. The government has created one of the most permissive regulatory regimes in the world to test driverless cars.....GovTech’s aim is to help offer seamless, convenient public services for all users, creating a truly digital society, economy and government. To that end, the government is acting as a public sector platform, creating a secure and accessible open-data infrastructure for its citizens and companies. For example, with users’ permission, Singapore’s national identity database can be accessed by eight commercial banks to verify customers with minimal fuss. A public health service app now allows parents to keep check of their children’s vaccinations.

By running with the technological wolves, Singapore is clearly hoping to tame the pack.
Singapore  autonomous_vehicles  traffic_congestion  reverse_engineering  aging  smart_government  disruption  robotics  automation  artificial_intelligence  test_beds  reboot  city_states  experimentation  forward-thinking  open-data  privacy 
january 2018 by jerryking
This will be the heard around the world.
reboot  from twitter_favs
january 2018 by icco
What to Do If Computer Freezes During Data Backup?
Many users have complained that their computers are prone to freeze during data backup. Have you ever encountered similar situations? Now, in this article, we will tell users what to do in such cases.
Backup  software  Computer  Freezes  Data  External  Devices  Not  Responding  Programs  Reboot  recover  PST  Remove  Virus  repair  disk 
december 2017 by DataNumen

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