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House hunting — the data scientist way – GeoAI – Medium
At some point in time, each of us would have went through the process of either renting or buying a house. Whether we realize or not, a lot of factors we consider important are heavily influenced by…
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yesterday by shazow
China Real Estate May Face ‘Year of Recession’ - Caixin Global

The fundamentals of China’s real estate market will face “a year of recession” in 2019, China International Capital Corp. (CICC) said Monday in a research report. Sales, investments and new construction starts will decline significantly next year, according to researchers at the largest state-backed investment bank in China. In response, the government should alter policies that were put in place to cool the market, the researchers said.
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2 days ago by jayyy
Negative Gearing and Welfare: A Quantitative Study for the Australian Housing Market
This paper explores the implications of negative gearing tax associated with housing
investment by conducting a quantitative study of the Australian housing market. We
build a general equilibrium overlapping generations model with incomplete markets
and heterogeneous agents which features income taxes and negative gearing tax that are
consistent with the Australian practice. Comparing across the stationary equilibria with
and without negative gearing tax, we find that removing negative gearing would result
in lower house prices, higher rents and homeownership rate. Improvements in homeownership
rate are observed predominantly among young and middle-aged households
who are relatively poor. The welfare analysis suggests that eliminating negative gearing
would lead to an overall welfare gain of 1.5 percent for the Australian economy in
which 76 percent of households become better off. However, the welfare effects are heterogeneous
across different households. Renters and owner-occupiers are winners, but
landlords, especially young with high earning landlords, lose
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2 days ago by philippe3000
The new boomtowns: Why more people are relocating to ‘secondary’ cities - The Washington Post
Brown and Shuman are part of a wave of people migrating from coastal cities to “secondary” cities — drawn by a lower cost of living, lighter tax burden, job growth and a better chance to buy a home they can afford.

Nashville, Sacramento, Atlanta, Phoenix, Austin and Dallas are among the top-10 cities with the largest influx of new residents, according to new data from the Redfin real estate brokerage.

Not surprisingly, high-cost cities from which people are fleeing include San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Washington.
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