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Habits are the Compound Interest of Self Improvement
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Volumes of words: the architecture of the page | Thinkpiece | Architectural Review
Volumes of words: the architecture of the page
Hannah Gregory. Architectural Review. 16 January 2019

Reciprocities between text and architecture open up new ways of reading

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In Ancient Greece, pre-cartography, narrative traced subjective geographies – songs were conceived as pathways, sentences as promenades or roads. For Homer, according to classicist AC Purves, writing is likened to the movement of oxen and plough across a field, a metaphor that seems to find a lineage in the modern word ‘plot’.

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‘Between the covers of a book a reader may make a home’

When holding a physical book, there is a tactile pleasure in these textual preliminaries: opening the cover-door to turn through the preamble, like lingering on the threshold, the limen. In The Eye in the Text, Mary Ann Caws brings together the Latin sense of limen, a point just out of reach, with the Greek sense of a haven or refuge. Between the covers of a book a reader may make a home, while they are simultaneously transported elsewhere. As Lisa Robertson delineates, the codex ‘shelters without fastening; it conditions without determining’. Its form is reassuringly solid, yet a reader is free to come and go, or to stay and succumb to further flights of the mind. To become enveloped in the space of a text is to find a temporary enclosure away from the world outside.
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