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MimbleWimble/Grin – BlockCypher Blog
Imagine what a universally accessible, private, scalable and fungible digital coin could do. Since Grin’s introduction, its developers have enabled capabilities such as Lightning, Schnorr signatures, bulletproofs, Dandelion relay, “scriptless scripting”, and atomic swaps. All these greatly increase the probability of the Grin blockchain being able to address a multitude of use cases that have not been possible with the existing set of blockchains. At the very least, Grin coin may actually fulfill the promise of digital cash.
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19 hours ago by zhumink
Dagger Core Semantics
Dagger is a fully static, compile-time dependency injection framework for both Java and Android. It is developed by the Java Core Libraries Team at Google.
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22 hours ago by lgtout
(2) Barack Obama - Posts
Barack Obama, Washington, DC. 55M likes. Dad, husband, former President, citizen.
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yesterday by dcowhig
Say NO to Venn Diagrams When Explaining JOINs – Java, SQL and jOOQ.
In recent times, there have been a couple of tremendously popular blog posts explaining JOINs using Venn Diagrams. After all, relational algebra and SQL are set oriented theories and languages, so it only makes sense to illustrate set operations like JOINs using Venn Diagrams. Right? via Pocket
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yesterday by tofagerl
Choosing Your Markdown Editor: A Comparison of Ulysses and Drafts – MacStories
One thing the MacStories team loves to do is constantly try new apps, compare the serious contenders in each app category, and settle on the app that suits us best. via Pocket
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yesterday by tofagerl
GitHub goes off the Rails as Microsoft closes in • The Register
Analysis GitHub invited a handful of journalists to its San Francisco headquarters to explain how the social code hosting biz is evolving from a website into a platform. The event was hosted by Sam Lambert, whose title – head of platform – removes any doubt about how things will turn out. via Pocket
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yesterday by tofagerl
How to Use the Included Screen Capture Tools in macOS Mojave – The Sweet Setup
Did you know that there’s native screen recording built into your Mac? If your machine is running Mojave, then you can take advantage of this really easily. via Pocket
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yesterday by tofagerl
I stopped to today! What an amazing story about the dreams of a Kuwaiti businessman.
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yesterday by todbaker

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