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>>> 그 팀원 자체가 눈엣가시 같이 마음에 안 들어서 퇴사하면 좋겠다고 생각한다면 일을 줬다 뺐는 일을 반복하면 효과적이다(?). 아마 퇴사까진 몰라도 타 부서 이동 신청까지는 받아낼 수 있을 것이다.

>>> 밑에 사람을 어떻게 대해야 하는지 밑에 사람이 생긴 다음에 배우면 늦습니다.
19 hours ago by jwlee
research!rsc: The vgo proposal is accepted. Now what? (Go & Versioning, Part 8)
Last week, the proposal review committee accepted the “vgo approach” elaborated on this blog in February and then summarized as proposal #24301. There has been some confusion about exactly what that means and what happens next. via Pocket
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yesterday by tofagerl
Franz Alexander and Bad Freudian Fathers | The New Yorker
To a believer in the impossible profession, the family memoirs of famous psychoanalysts constitute a troubling but delicious genre. There is a certain satisfaction in reading about the unhappy marriages and not good enough parenting skills of bad Freudian fathers.
yesterday by seansharp
Eleven Years - waspabi - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The door inches open. Alex, of course. Bloodshot eyes, rumpled suit. His Conference Champions cap with the sticker still on the brim, the fucking Prince of Wales Trophy still clutched in one big hand.

“That won’t fit in here,” Nicke says nonsensically, but Alex is already forcing himself and the trophy into the minute space. He shuts the door behind him.
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yesterday by unapologetic_thirst
research!rsc: Semantic Import Versioning (Go & Versioning, Part 3)
How do you deploy an incompatible change to an existing package? This is the fundamental challenge, the fundamental decision, in any package management system. The answer decides the complexity of the resulting system It decides how easy or difficult package management will be to use. via Pocket
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yesterday by tofagerl
Old Home Week by Qweb
Danny Williams sees someone from New Jersey that he never expected to see in Hawaii.
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yesterday by the_other_sandy
The Golden Rule - R_Gunns - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“I just, ah – think, fuck-”

“You think fuck?” TJ asks.

(In which there is a threesome. In which there is a valiant attempt at a threesome.)
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2 days ago by unapologetic_thirst

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