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Integrate Custom Elements into React app – codeburst
Web Components in React with support in all popular browsers, including IE 11
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6 hours ago by GameGamer43
The Rise Of The State Machines
Notice that, while we are in “fetching” state, we are not accepting any clicks. So, even if the user clicks the button, nothing will happen because the machine is not configured to respond to that action while in that state. This approach automatically eliminates the unpredictable branching of our code logic.
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yesterday by ianchanning
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How to work with React the right way to avoid some common pitfalls#react #reactjs #javascript

— ReactDOM (@ReactDOM) August 16, 2018
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2 days ago by jorgemir
Latest tutorial: Create an animated bar chart with React and react-move
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2 days ago by paulhhowells
React Starter Kit - Learn React with this free interactive course
A free, 5-part video course with interactive code examples that will help you learn React.
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2 days ago by stechico
SSR and Server Only Modules
Using server only modules in a SSR enabled app could make your app slower. You need to use them wisely
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3 days ago by program247365

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